Nov 9, 2010

#BDS: New prize to encourage 'Zionist art'

Following controversial artists' letter calling for boycott of Ariel cultural hall, Culture Minister Limor Livnat announces new award aimed at fighting 'de-legitimization,' says all state-funded culture institutions will be forced to perform all over Israel

Culture and Sports Minister Limor Livnat announced Monday that she plans to force all state-funded culture institutions to perform all over Israel as a condition for continuing their funding.

She spoke during a Knesset's Education and Culture Committee session on the backdrop of the second artists' letter calling for a boycott against the Ariel culture hall, which is located beyond the Green Line.

The minister plans to extend an amendment to the criteria determining the budgeting of all cultural institutions. A theater which refuses to sign a commitment to perform anywhere across Israel will be deprived of funding.

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