Apr 27, 2012

#BDS Twitter Alert: Tell the Harlem Globetrotters to cancel their trip to #Israel

"Will you tell the Harlem Globetrotters to cancel their trip to Israel?
We are asking BDS supporters to get the word out and tell the Harlem Globetrotters to cancel their May 1 & 3 games in Israel! See the letter urging them to respect Palestinian rights and not cross the international picket line: http://bit.ly/IkFvat
Tweet the BDS message or post it to their facebook page,http://www.facebook.com/HarlemGlobetrotters or send them a message through their online contact form,  http://www.harlemglobetrotters.com/contact."
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#BDS in #Turkey #Boycott #Israel

I have recently moved to Istanbul, Turkey and would like to get in touch with pro-Palestine and BDS supporters/advocates/groups. Kindly contact me at youth.agnst.normalization@gmail.com.


#BDS: The Eleven that Have the Great Opportunity to Stand for Justice

"These groups/artists who plan to play for the Israeli government-sponsored Tel Aviv White City musician roundup (see http://www.tlv-music.com/en/Artists) all have the amazing opportunity to stand up for justice.  By choosing to refrain from playing in Israel, they can be part of the solution to the problem of racism, inequality, and denial of human rights that Palestinians face daily.  Even if an artists does not agree with the goals of BDS, they can still stand up for justice by refusing to take part in a festival that is being partially paid for by the government of Israel, and that supports injustice.  As the renowned French philosopher and political theorist Jacques Rancière said just last January:

"I accepted the invitation to contribute to the debate on the image, of a research group whose work on photography is closely related to the exposure of violations of the rights of the Palestinian people since the birth of the State of Israel."
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#BDS: Time for Justice: Springsteen, Palestine, and the Boycott

"Four months into 2012, and Bruce Springsteen has not booked a gig in Israel.  Last November, it appeared that negotiations with the legendary Boss were pretty much firmed up.  The Israeli press declared "Now its the Boss:  Bruce Springsteen lines up a concert in Israel," and "Bruce Springsteen to give concert in Tel Aviv" with confident conviction.  Plans were in the making for a June gig in Israel."

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#BDS: Lettre ouverte à Renaud Garcia-Fons

"Le 6 mai prochain, vous prévoyez de donner un concert à Tel Aviv, dans le cadre du Festival de musique « de la ville blanche ».
Nous sommes étonnés que vous, qui êtes attaché au respect de la dignité humaine, alliez donner un concert dans un pays qui bafoue le droit international depuis plus de soixante ans.
Nous nous souvenons que vous aviez en effet participé à un « Orchestre pour la Paix » à travers un « Concert de la solidarité humaine » à Paris en 2002."
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#BDS: The diamond industry’s double-standard on #Israel

"All too aware of how bad association with war crimes is for business, the diamond industry has taken pains to evade questions about its connections with Israel’s human rights abuses — and so far has escaped scrutiny from watchdog organizations.
Representatives for 75 countries affiliated to the United Nations-based Kimberley Process Certification Scheme meeting in Kinshasa this week failed to reach agreement on the export of blood-stained diamonds from Zimbabwe. The elephant in the room was Israel’s burgeoning diamond exports which evade the human rights strictures imposed on Zimbabwe’s diamond exports."
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#BDS Victory: #EU Boycotts #UK Company for Dealing with #Israel

"The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement praised the EU on Wednesday for deciding not to renew a contract with the world’s largest security solutions company, because it also does business with Israel.

Group 4 Securicor (G4S), a UK-based company, has provided security services to the buildings of the European Parliament since 2008 – but lost the tender as of April 13, because it also provides security services to Jewish communities, security checkpoints and Israeli prisons at which Arab convicts from Judea and Samaria are held, according to BDS."
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#BDS: Appeal to L. Subramaniam to boycott the Tel Aviv White City Music Festival 2012

"Dear Dr. L. Subramaniam,

We understand that you are scheduled to participate in the Tel Aviv White City Music Festival, 2012, a festival sponsored by the Israel Ministry of Tourism and a company owned by the Tel Aviv municipality. 

We, a group of academics, activists and artists in India, came together in June 2010 to campaign against yet another apartheid regime by extending support to the international campaign for the academic and cultural boycott of Israel (see www.incacbi.in).

In response to a recent boycott call from the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (see appeal to participating writers on www.pacbi.org), the Indian Campaign urges you to withdraw your participation in this music festival. A number of conscientious musicians around the world are participants in this boycott, most recently Pink Floyd."

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#BDS: المغرب: الغاء مهرجان الرقص الشرقي بمراكش عقب احتجاجات على مشاركة اسرائيليين به

 نجحت احتجاجات تصاعدت خلال الايام الماضية في الغاء مهرجان للرقص الشرقي يشارك به اسرائيليون كان سينظم في منتصف ايار (مايو) القادم بمدينة مراكش.

وأفادت مصادر مطلعة أن الوكالة المكلفة بتنظيم النسخة الثالثة من مهرجان الرقص الشرقي بمراكش أعلنت عن إلغائه صباح امس الخميس، بعد موجة الانتقادات التي تعرض لها المهرجان على الموقع الالكتروني الخاص به. وقالت صحيفة 'مراكش365' الالكترونية أنه بعد موجة الانتقادات التي تلقتها الوكالة المكلفة بتنظيم النسخة الثالثة من مهرجان الرقص الشرقي بمراكش، وبعد تنبيه السلطات المحلية المنظمين إلى أن من شأن تنظيم هذا المهرجان أن يخدش الحياء العام للمغاربة، تم الاعلان صباح امس الخميس عن الغائه.

إقرأ\ي المزيد

#BDS: مشاركة المغرب و مصر و تركيا و ماليزيا و الهند في معرض إسرائيلي

جاء في الموقع الرسمي لغرفة التجارة الفرنسية الاسرائيلية ” اسرائيل فالي نيوز ” أنه من المرتقب حضور و فد فلاحي مغربي للمعرض الدولي للتكنلوجيا الفلاحية ” إغريتيك ” في دورته الثامنة عشر و المزمع عقدها ما بين 15 و 17 أبريل الجاري في تل أبيب . هذا المعرض سيعرف مشاركة وفود عربية و إسلامية مثل مصر و تركيا و ماليزيا و الهند ضاربين بذلك عرض الحائط كل دعوات رفض التطبيع مع الكيان الصهيوني.

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#BDS: Stockholm airport bars Israeli airline over security inspection methods

"Arkia has to stop flying to Stockholm because the Swedish capital’s international airport now refuses to allow Israeli methods of security inspections dictated by the Shin Bet security service, TheMarker learned on Wednesday. Thus, Stockholm’s airport joined those in Malmo, Sweden and in Copenhagen in refusing to allow Israeli security inspections, which involve ethnic and personal profiling, extensive questioning and selective inspections based on the perceived degree of risk to security."

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#BDS: Who really wields the baton at the London Philharmonic Orchestra?

"Calls for the boycott of Israel’s cultural ambassadors just won’t go away. Now London’s Globe Theatre is being criticised for its invitation to Israel’s Habima Theatre, the latter having performed in Israel’s illegal settlements. Prominent arts figures such as Mike Leigh, Emma Thompson, Jonathan Miller, and Mark Rylance, the Globe’s founding artistic director, have publicly called for the theatre to cancel Habima’s appearance. Meanwhile Günter Grass, author of the classic anti-Nazi novel The Tin Drum, created a storm with his poem Was gesagt werden muss (What must be said), which seeks to free Germans from the ancestral guilt that Israel exploits to secure their obedience. An outraged headline in the Jewish Chronicle equated the boycott call with Nazi book-burning, and Israeli politicians smeared Grass as a Nazi for his conscription into the Waffen-SS, which German youths ‘joined’ to stay alive."

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