Jul 13, 2012


"Now that Mahmoud Sarsak is free, please keep up the pressure on UEFA to remove the honour from Israel of hosting the 2013 Under-21 Championships by sharing the Red Card Israeli Apartheid petition  on Facebook, Twitter and email.

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#BDS: لا للتطبيع في #الكويت

أقامت لجنة ” كويتيون لأجل القدس – وهي لجنة مشتركة بين جمعية الخريجين والجمعية الثقافية الإجتماعية النسائية  – بمشاركة حركة المقاطعة BDS الكويت, يوم الاحد الموافق 8/7/2012 امسية بعنوان لا للتطبيع مع اسرائيل لمساندة وتكريم اللاعبين الكويتيين عوض الحربي (لاعب تنس طاولة) وعلي المرشاد (لاعب تايكوندو) لرفضهم مواجهة لاعبين اسرائليين في الدور نصف النهائي لبطولة رومانيا الدولية المفتوحة لتنس الطاولة للمعاقين و في الدور قبل النهائي لبطولة العالم للتايكوندو والمقامة في النمسا. كما تم أيضا الترحيب بالحكمين “فرج المعتوق” و “يحي رشوان” اللذين رفضا تحكيم مباريات للاعبين اسرائليين.

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#BDS: BDS roundup: The BDS movement, 7 years on, "stronger, more effective and more diverse than ever"

"This week on the BDS roundup: Highlighting the spectacular growth and victories of the 7-year-old BDS movement; Palestinian civil society commends author Alice Walker for her refusal to have her book published by an Israeli publisher; Palestine solidarity activists protest pinkwashing at San Francisco LGBT International Film Festival; and boycott activists take to the roof of G4S headquarters to demand an end to cooperation with the Israeli government."

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#BDS: Each Massacre Breeds New Boycotts: Boycotting Apartheid Israel

"You may have noticed that Israel is getting hit with more boycott campaigns, not less.
It started on April 17, 2003.
That night, the Wayne State University Student Council approved a resolution against all university investment in “companies doing business in Israel”.
More divestment resolutions were approved by the University of Michigan-Dearborn Student Government Senate, and by the faculty senate at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.
Then, on July 9, 2005, Palestinian Civil Society itself called for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel.
Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons, but they can’t blow this humanitarian campaign off the map. After every Israeli massacre, more boycotts are launched against Israel."
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#BDS: #France Penalizes Boycott of #Israel-i Products

BDS activists

"Last May, the Cour de Cassation, the Supreme Court of France, ruled that calls for a boycott of Israeli products constitute discrimination and as such are illegal under French law.
The verdict was the final ruling in a legal battle that went on for years. On 9 July 2005, exactly seven years ago, the Palestinian Authority called for a worldwide Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Campaign against the Jewish State. In February 2009, following the Gaza War in the winter of 2008-2009, several leftist and pro-Palestinian organizations in France convened to organize a French BDS campaign. The activists target French and international corporations that do business in Israel, French branches of Israeli companies, and supermarkets selling Israeli products."
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#BDS: London Shopkeepers Embrace 'Boycott #Israel-i Dates Campaign'

"With Ramadan just a week away and this years 'Boycott Israeli Dates Campaign' in full flow, the capitals shopkeepers have wholeheartedly embraced the campaign with dozens of shops in London already displaying the campaign posters in their shop windows and stocking bundles of leaflets to give out to their customers.
Customers have reacted very positively to this act of solidarity by shopkeepers with the Palestinian people suffering this Ramadan under brutal Israeli military occupation: "I feel if this shop has gone to the trouble to put up this poster for the benefit of its customers.. for my benefit, to inform me which brands of dates to avoid and thereby not contribute to the crimes being committed against my brothers and sisters in Palestine, then it shows they care for their customers and I am very please to shop here.."

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