Sep 29, 2011

#BDS: Photos: Opening of MECA's 'A Child's view from #Gaza' Exibit

The exhibit will be on display on 917 Washington Street, Oakland CA for the next two months.

#BDS: Rewarding #Alstom: Arab Partnership in Occupation

"Alstom, a French corporation, has received global condemnation for aiding Israel’s colonization of the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Yet Alstom’s business ventures continue to thrive in the Arab world, and the corporation appears set to win more multi-million dollar contracts in the near future.
Boycott Divestment and Sanctions(BDS) campaigners in Beirut warned Wednesday in a press conference that French construction giant Alstom Group may be awarded major new contracts in several Arab countries, notably Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The activists appealed to Arab governments to stop dealing with the firm, which is complicit in Israel’s ongoing theft of Palestinian land."
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