Sep 2, 2011

#BDS: #Israel to Cut Relations with #Qatar

"Israel is planning to cut relations with Qatar due to the latter’s “extensive anti-Israeli actions”, reports the Israeli online news source nrg. Israel is further considering not allowing in reporters from the Qatari-based Al Jazeera news agency due to its “biased coverage” that includes, according to Israel’s Foreign Ministry, “the aspiration to wipe Israel off the map”. cites a classified report prepared by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs that details a series of measures that Israel has already begun to implement against Qatar for its “extensive anti-Israeli actions” throughout the world."

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#BDS: Video: BDS activists disrupt #Israel Philharmonic Orchestra 5 times tonight at BBC Proms ,London


"A new vocal ensemble, Beethovians for Boycotting Israel (BBI), gave its debut performance at a Prom concert at the Royal Albert Hall yesterday evening.

Their first piece was intricately interwoven with Webern's Passacaglia, played by guest artists the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (IPO).

"We thought we'd liven up the Webern a bit" said Deborah Fink (soprano).  "The performance of Beethoven's 9th Symphony at the previous night's Prom was so exciting that we decided to treat the audience to our own version of the Ode to Joy".

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#BDS: Beethovians for Boycotting Israel perfom "Ode to Boycott"

#BDS: Anti-Israel protest disrupts #UK #BB Cconcert series

"The BBC says protesters have disrupted a performance by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra in one of Britain's most venerable concert series. Pro-Palestinian group The Palestine Solidarity Campaign had called for the BBC to cancel the concert and urged people to boycott 

The orchestra was due to perform at London's Royal Albert Hall on Thursday as part of BBC Proms, an annual summer concert series dating back to 1941. Shouting and booing erupted just as conductor Zubin Mehta was about to lead the orchestra in Bruch's violin concerto. The BBC Proms apologized on Twitter, saying that the concert's live radio broadcast was taken off the air "as a result of sustained audience disturbance." 

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#BDS: Katy Perry slammed over #Israel support

"Pro-Palestinian supporters accuse American pop star of 'spitting on Gaza' after she asks her Twitter followers to 'pray for Israel'. Following angry responses, she backtracks on message

American pop star Katy Perry has been verbally attacked by pro-Palestinian supporters after sending a tweet on Monday asking her followers to pray for Israel in light of the recent escalation in the south, The Blaze website reported.

"My prayers are for you guys tonight, Shalom!!! Please pray with us," Perry wrote."

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#BDS: إعلان إفلاس أكبر شركة تصدير فواكه إسرائيلية

قالت صحيفة الاعمال الاسرائيلية "ذي ماركر" اليوم الاربعاء إن مجموعة "اغريكسكو-كارمل" اهم مصدر اسرائيلي للفواكه والخضر والتي استهدفتها حملات مقاطعة في اوروبا، ستعلن إفلاسها الاسبوع المقبل
وبحسب الصحيفة فإن الشركة راكمت ديونا قيمتها 31 مليون يورو وسيتم الاعلان عن تصفيتها في 11 سبتمبر من قبل محكمة تجارية.
ونقلت الصحيفة عن القاضية في المحكمة فردا الشيش أن صعوبات الشركة سببها عمليات تبذير وسوء تصرف. وقالت القاضية للصحيفة "إن 
الشركة استثمرت بشكل واسع في السفن مما اسهم بشكل واسع في غرقها في لج عميق من الديون".

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