Nov 9, 2010

#BDS: 7 things you can do this BDS Week of action + check out the new BIG website Inbox X

Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions week of Action till 16th November 2010

For more than sixty years the suffering of the Palestinian people at the hands of the Israeli state has been met with the international community rewarding Israel economically and politically, and allowing Israel to act with impunity.
People of conscience around the world have a responsibility to respond to the call from Palestinian civil society to join them in the growing movement of boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel until the country complies with international law and recognises Palestinian rights.
As part of the BDS week of action, we’re pleased to re-launch the Boycott Israeli Goods website – with in-depth information in a number of current campaigns we are involved in – including saying no to Ahava Stolen beauty; a new ‘boycott pledge’ as part of our supermarket actions and phone-in; a petition to launch campaigns to ‘Bin Veolia’ and a new campaign that we will be launching later in the week.
Check out the relaunched
From taking part in a direct action outside your supermarket to signing the ‘boycott pledge’ online, everyone can get involved in during the BDS week of action.
Below are seven things you can do:
1) Sign the ‘boycott pledge’ and keep it in your wallet, as a reminder to check the label during your supermarket shop, or make conversation with the shop manager to show you’re a card carrying boycotter of Israeli goods. You can also sign the pledge online and send an email to the supermarkets you shop at that you’ve signed the boycott pledge.
2) Supermarket phone in: On Thursday 11th, ring Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s and ask them to stop stocking Israeli goods until the country complies with international law. Tesco’s: Ring 0800 505 555 and press option 3. Sainsbury’s: Ring 0800 636 262.
3) Change your facebook profile (using the picture above) tag your friends in it, and ask them to change it too
4) Get involved in a supermarket action – ask shoppers to boycott Israeli goods. Find out what Israeli goods are sold in the supermarkets by visiting our ‘supermarket product watch’ page. To see what PSC branches are organising, click here
5) Use our model petition to gather support for a local campaign to ‘Bin Veolia’ who are breaking international by providing refuse and transport services to illegal settlements.
6) say no to stolen beauty - join the fortnightly protest outside the ‘Ahava’ flagship store in Covent Garden – find out when the next one is at:
7) Order boycott leaflets, pledge cards, stickers, factsheets and more from the PSC office – check out our resources pageand place an order

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