Dec 15, 2011

#BDS: Solidarity with #Palestine: International Days of Action Against the Wall, Vigil of Women in Black, Vienna

November 4, 2011 (Vienna) - Vigil of Women in Black held a vigil yesterday for two hours, dedicated to the Protest against the Wall and in support of the recognition of the State of Palestine. There was enormous interest from passers-by and the reaction of many people, actually many tourists, on the street was positive towards solidarity with Palestine, evidence that things are changing regarding public opinion!
Below are a few photographs. Fifteen people, some handing out flyers, some holding posters, two at the information table were involved in organizing the activity. A film on Bil'in will be screened on the upcoming Wednesday as part of our support.
Several years ago Vigil of Women in Black carried out a signature campaign against the Wall, which was then given to the officials of the Foreign Ministry. They have taken part almost every year in a protest, at least once a year, against the Wall in Palestine. View pictures here.

#BDS: Israeli democracy watch: new bill to force companies to invest in West Bank

On Wednesday, December 7, 2011, Chairman of the National Union party, Knesset Member Yaakov Katz, proposed a bill calling for the dismantling of Israeli companies that boycott certain areas, such as the the illegally occupied West Bank, or that do not supply goods and services to those places.
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#BDS: Israeli Blood Diamonds Campaign Conference Call, December 18th, 9am PST

Join US Campaign member group Palestine Action Group- Corvallis for a conference call about the Boycott Israeli Blood Diamonds Campaign, this Sunday, December 18 with Sean Clinton from Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

#BDS: #IsraelKills: Activists take to Twitter to protest Tamimi death

Yesterday morning from 11 to noon, Jerusalem time, activists launched a Twitter campaign using the hashtag #Israelkills. The campaign, started by a small group of anonymous Palestinian activists and journalists, called on activists across the world to participate by tweeting the #IsraelKills hashtag. The response was impressive, with over 5,000 tweets in under 24 hours. Read more here.

#BDS: Activists shut down normalization conference in Jerusalem

Jerusalem activists successfully had the Ambassador Hotel cancel their hosting of events in the planned Israeli Palestinian Confederation Conference on Tuesday, 13 December. The conference, organized by Jerusalem University director Dr. Sari Nsaibeh and former Israeli foreign affairs minister Shlomo Bena’mi, was to see the election for the parliament and a chairman for the so-called Israeli- Palestinian Confederation. Protesters gathered outside the hotel to condemn the process of normalization of the occupation promoted by the conference, amidst the collapse of the peace process, continuing settlement construction and the confiscation of Palestinian land. Conference events taking place in Beit Jalah and Haifa over the next few days have promoted a false illusion of Palestine already being liberated and contributed to the normalization of the Israeli occupation. One demonstrator commented that “how would such a confederation even be possible under the occupation?” The management of the Ambassador Hotel announced their decision to cancel the conference events in a printed statement posted at the hotel’s entrance. A hotel manager stated that “we have been manipulated by the conference organizers, who did not reveal to us its real purposes. We refuse to take part in their attempts to veil the reality of Palestinian suffering.” Read more here.

#BDS Solidarity with #Palestine: Photos: Palestine solidarity at Occupy Montreal

On 13/11 in Montreal people gathered at Occupy Montreal/Occupons Montréal to protest the Israeli military raid on the Freedom Waves flotilla action that challenged the Israeli military blockade on Gaza via the Mediterranean sea.
This action took place at Occupy Montreal/Occupons Montréal to highlight the connection between struggles for social & economics justice in Quebec and the Palestinian struggle for freedom. In North America politicians who are moving to enforce socially violent austerity economics, like the Conservative government in Canada, are the very same policy makers and politicians who continue to back the illegal Israeli military siege on the Palestinian people in Gaza. For more info, click here.

#BDS: Bring Down the Walls Week in the US: November 14 - 18

From the iconic sites of the Israeli wall and the US/Mexico border, we are witnessing a world-wide proliferation of walls and reinforcement of borders. These not only delimitate the nation state but proliferate in its interior, reproducing social divisions along lines of race, class and gender, and reflecting and reinforcing existing power relations.
From November 14th till November 18th, Students for Justice in Palestine, Mechxa and the Bring Down the Walls DeCal organized a week of public events to analyse, discuss and deconstruct the ideological, political and economic infrastructure which allows walls to exist.


Mural Painting on Sproul Plaza!
Performances and speakers
Bringing down the walls from theory to action!
Ramon Quintero & Ilaria Giglioli, co-facilitators of the Bring down the Walls! DeCal
Keith Fieldman, professor in Ethnic Studies
Maria Lewis, activist with Students for Justice in Palestine
From Berkeley to Palestine - the right to education
Mira Nabulsi, Palestinian Researcher and Graduate of An-Najah National University, Nablus- Palestine.
MEChxA members
Emiliano Huet-Vaughn, Students for Justice in Palestine & Budget Cuts activist
Beyond the walls of prisons
Hatem Bazian, professor in Ethnic Studies
Alejandro Garcia, graduate student in History
Borders, militarism and the environment
Rodrigo Sierra, graduate student at UNAM Ecology Institute
Irene Bonilla, environmental activist
Ziad Abbas, Middle Eastern Children’s Alliance
Nancy Hernandez, Water Writes Mural Project Manager at The Estria Foundation
Film Screening of Salt of the Sea

#BDS: Solidarity with #Palestine: NYC and Boston Screening: Hip Hop Is Bigger Than The Occupation & Concert for WAAW

Existence is Resistance and Hunter Students for Justice in Palestine presented a live show featuring Palestinian Rap Trio DAM, Palestinian Female MC and Songstress Shadia Mansour alongside M1 of Dead Prez.
The show was held at the Shrine Live Music Venue in Harlem. And at Occupy Boston on November 13, 2011. More info here.

#BDS Information about the Wall Released in Greek for Week Against the Apartheid Wall

Find in the link below an updated leaflet about the Apartheid Wall, in Greek, released and distributed on the occasion of the Week Against the Apartheid Wall 2011. For more info, click here.