Dec 19, 2010

#BDS: Denzel Washington visits Israel

Critically acclaimed American actor tours Jerusalem with his wife, who purchases two wedding rings
American actor Denzel Washington arrived in Israel on Tuesday for a private visit.

Washington, the son of a Pentecostal minister, arrived to visit his good friend in the past 20 years Dr. David Davis, head of the messianic Jews' congregation in the Carmel, Haifa. The two met in drama school in New York and acted together in a Broadway show.

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#BDS: MNA Khadir urges boycott of shoe store

Quebec solidaire leader Amir Khadir made no apology yesterday for asking people to boycott a family-owned shoe store in his riding because it sells shoes made in Israel.

"Just because a business is in my riding, I am not going to abandon my principles," Khadir, the National Assembly member for Mercier, said in a phone interview yesterday.

Khadir took part in a demonstration last Saturday in front of Le Marcheur on St. Denis St., handing out flyers and asking customers to boycott the shop until it stops selling Israeli-made shoes.

The demonstration was organized by Palestinian and Jewish Unity, a Montreal based human rights group that advocates for the right of Palestinians to live in safety.

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#BDS: Le mouvement BDS, une arme citoyenne

L’Association Marocaine des Droits de l’Homme (AMDH) a organisé, mercredi soir à Rabat, une conférence sur le mouvement BDS, Boycott-Désinvestissement-Sanctions, en soutien à la cause palestinienne. Modérée par la militante des droits de l’Homme, Samira Kinani, la conférence BDS avait pour objectif de faire connaître le mouvement, en tant que moyen de lutter localement contre les crimes israéliens en terres palestiniennes.

L’appel Boycott-Désinvestissement-Sanctions -BDS-, a été lancé en 2005 par la société civile palestinienne à destination des associations et citoyens du monde entier, les invitant à agir pour la liberté et les droits palestiniens à travers l’exercice de pressions économiques sur Israël. Depuis lors, le mouvement a fleuri un peu partout dans le monde, de l’Egypte aux Etats-Unis, en passant par le Danemark, le Japon, la France, l’Australie et l’Irlande, pour n’en citer que quelques-uns.`

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Below are some Israeli Ministry of Tourism billboards, posters and advertising hoardings that were “spotted” at London Underground (subway) stations during the past year.

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#BDS: SA group sparks fury by accepting Israeli invite

But founder says they will sing songs about peace and unity, as they did in Palestine

Grammy-award-winning group Ladysmith Black Mambazo has sparked a furious outcry among pro-Palestinian activists, the ANC and Cosatu, following a decision to perform in Israel.
The world-renowned group has been invited to perform at a world music show in June at the Opera House in Tel Aviv, as well as in Jerusalem.
Omar Barghouti, of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, said if the group were to honour the invitation, it would be "complicit" in covering up Israel's occupation of Palestinian land.
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#BDS: Marks & Spencer Billboard in Egypt Vandalized