Nov 9, 2010

#BDS: Anti-normalization committee slams Jordanian gov't for military ties with Israel

AMMAN, (PIC)-- The Jordanian higher executive committee for defending the homeland and confronting normalization with Israel strongly denounced the government for forcing the Jordanian army to engage in joint activities with the Israeli occupation forces.

"The Jordanian government is committing a crime against the nation when it compels the men of the Arab army (Jordan's forces) to carry out joint drills with the Zionist enemy's forces that are occupying the Arab land and insult our Islamic and Christian holy sites," the committee stated on Monday.

The committee stressed that these activities are unjustified whatever their nature and the Jordanian army must be dedicated to protecting the Arab lands from what he described as the "Zionist abomination."

It also emphasized the need to keep the Jordanian army away from the mismanagement and misconduct of Jordanian officials and politicians in the government.

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