Aug 18, 2010

Ahlam M. Mohsen, Woman Who Threw Pie In Carl Levin's Face, Has Bond Set At $250,000

BIG RAPIDS, Mich. — An anti-war protester accused of hitting Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin in the face with an apple pie during a constituent meeting in northern Michigan is jailed on a $250,000 bond.
Twenty-two-year-old Ahlam M. Mohsen of Coldwater was arraigned Tuesday on a felony count of stalking and other charges.
A Mecosta County district judge set her bond at $250,000, requiring a cash payment of $25,000 for her to get out of jail.
Mohsen has said she opposes U.S. military policy and its support for Israel. She was arrested last year for sitting in at Levin's Lansing office.
The attack happened Monday at the Michigan Democrat's appearance at a restaurant in Big Rapids, 150 miles northwest of Detroit.

المقاطعة الأكاديمية لإسرائيل في برنامج ما وراء الخبر على قناة الجزيرة

ترقبو حلقة اليوم من برنامج ما وراء الخبر على قناة الجزيرة الفضائية باللغة العربية. والذي سيتناول موضوع المقاطعة الأكاديمية لإسرائيل وتأثيرها على المؤسسات الأكاديمية الإسرائيلية وخاصة بعد حرب غزة الأخيرة ومجزرة أسطول الحرية لغزة في أواخر شهر مايو الماضي.

ما وراء الخبر هو برنامج حواري يومي مباشر، تقوم فكرته على معالجة مفصلة لحدث يشغل الساحة في وقته، ويعمد إلى طرح أسئلة متعددة تتعلق بالخبر المتناول يجيب عليها عدد من الخبراء أو المسؤولين ليضع الحقيقة أمام المشاهد تاركا له حرية اتخاذ موقفه.

يبثت اليوم الأربعاء الساعة 21:30 بتوقيت مكة المكرمة
ويعاد بثه في اليوم التالي الساعة 2:30 بتوقيت مكة المكرمة

Green tourism conference in Jerusalem – a JfJfP letter in protest

Dear Mr Giguere

It is with amazement and alarm that we note the decision of the OECD to hold their conference on “Industry and Policy Approaches to Foster Green Growth in Tourism” in Jerusalem in October.

The choice of Jerusalem is contentious for many reasons.

In 1968, a year after the 1967 war, Israel annexed East Jerusalem . The Security council has made it crystal clear that this annexation is illegal.

Jerusalem is the centre of economic and social development of the occupied Palestinian territories. The cities surrounding Jerusalem developed as suburbs connected to Jerusalem as the centre of trade and commerce and by severing Jerusalem from its hinterland, the Israeli state has effectively acted to undermine the economic development of occupied Palestine and of the successful implementation of the two state solution.

Israel has confiscated Palestinian land for exclusive Jewish use and has expropriated even more to build the separation wall. Over the course of the occupation Israel has confiscated roughly 86.5% of the total land area of occupied East Jerusalem , in spite of UN Security Council resolution 2253 ordering Israel to desist from taking any action to alter the status of Jerusalem.

The Geneva convention to which Israel is a signatory prohibits demolition of property other than that necessary for military operations. However, rather than obeying the strictures of the Geneva conventions, Israel prioritises its own planning law, under which building permits are demanded. It is almost impossible for Palestinians to obtain building permits, so if they do build, their homes are subject to demolition. Recently Israel has begun to expropriate Palestinian houses for Jewish only settlement in the interests of Judaising Jerusalem.

In short Israeli control of Jerusalem has these salient features:

1. Discrimination in land expropriation, planning, and building, and demolition of houses;
2. The revocation of residency and social benefits of Palestinians who stay abroad for at least seven years, or who are unable to prove that their centre of life is in Jerusalem;
3. The unfair division of the budget between the two parts of the city, with harmful effects on infrastructure and services in East Jerusalem. Government expenditure on medical and educational services as well as infrastructure (incl. roads, sewage & water connections) is lower in East than West Jerusalem , despite needs in the East being far more pressing
4.The granting of privileges, including residency, in Jerusalem to migrant Jews from abroad, rights denied to the indigenous Palestinian inhabitants of Jerusalem.
The OECD makes its mission clear:
OECD brings together the governments of countries committed to democracy and the market economy from around the world to:

* Support sustainable economic growth
* Boost employment
* Raise living standards
* Maintain financial stability
* Assist other countries’ economic development
* Contribute to growth in world trade

Consideration of the flagrant breaches of international law and the violation of the rights of the indigenous Palestinians within Jerusalem makes the decision of the OECD to hold a tourist conference in this contested city hard to comprehend. It is clear that Israel acts to undermine Palestinian economic growth, denies them employment, lowers their living standards and increases what many people call ‘de-development’.

In effect what the OECD is doing is providing sanction for a serial abuser of international law, one that commits racial discrimination and ethnic cleansing. This unfortunate decision will encourage others to visit the city, to believe in Israel’s mendacious justification for annexation and will encourage inequity.

Israeli politicians regard Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel . To meet anywhere in the city could thus be seen as signifying unqualified approval of Israel ’s annexation of Eastern Jerusalem . The OECD is acting against its mission statement and thus colluding with this illegal takeover. Surely that is not what those who established the organisation had in mind. We would urge the organisation to reflect and even at this late stage find another venue.

Yours sincerely

Diana Neslen
P O Box 46081, London W9 2ZF

جدل حول التطبيع الفني بالمغرب

أعلنت مجموعة شبابية مغربية تغني موسيقى "الراب" بمدينة العرائش (شمال المغرب) عن رفضها لعرض إسرائيلي لإقامة حفل بتل أبيب.
وقالت مجموعة "لارابويز" التي تتكون من ثلاثة شبان، في بيان صحفي إن شركة إسرائيلية لتنظيم الحفلات عرضت عليها إحياء حفل موسيقي خاص في تل أبيب، لكنها قابلت العرض بالرفض المطلق.
وأوضح مدير أعمال المجموعة عثمان بن جلون للجزيرة نت أن المجموعة رفضت العرض الذي وصف بالمغري "دون تفكير"، وعد ذلك ردا طبيعيا على عرض من "يقتل الأطفال والنساء".
وأوضح بن جلون أن موقف مجموعته ينسجم مع المبادئ التي تؤمن بها، وأضاف أن المجموعة أصدرت أكثر من أغنية تندد بممارسات الاحتلال الإسرائيلي في فلسطين.
وأشار إلى أن رفضهم الغناء في إسرائيل "أدخل الفرح لقلوب الناس" وأكسبهم احترام الجميع، واستغرب اختيار الإسرائيليين لمجموعته للغناء في تل أبيب.
وقال بن جلون إن المجموعة لن ترد على العرض الإسرائيلي، لأن "الرسالة الإسرائيلية لم تصل" حسب تعبيره، وتوقع أن تصدر المجموعة أغنية بخصوص هذا الموضوع.
وقد خلف هذا الموقف ارتياحا في أوساط متابعي المجموعة، ولدى ناشطي مناهضة التطبيع في المغرب، خاصة في ظل تردد أنباء عن مشاركة بعض الفنانين لحفلات غنائية في إسرائيل.

4 Palestinians to be tried for violating settlement boycott

The Palestinian Finance Ministry decided Tuesday to indict four merchants who violated the boycotted on products made in West Bank settlements.

The four Palestinians are expected to face harsh penalties.

The law that prompted the boycott, co-initiated by Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, rules that "anyone who trades in settlements products or cooperates or assists in their sale or import shall be imprisoned for 2-5 years and pay a fine of 10,000 Jordanian dinar (roughly $14,000)."

Moreover, the law states that Palestinians caught selling settlement products may have their license revoked and vehicle impouned.

Despite this, Fayyad's counterpart in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, said he believes the Palestinian Authority is not being firm enough with Israel.