Jan 21, 2012

SHAHADAT Publishes Arabic Hip Hop

SHAHADAT Literary Magazine Publishes a Bilingual Translation of Arabic Hip Hop

#BDS "Jordan: Israeli Potato Invasion Revives Resistance to Normalization"

US-led normalization efforts are taking a toll on the Jordanian potato farmers as Israeli potatoes have flooded the market, threatening local farmers’ livelihoods.
Amman – Jordan is in the middle of an intense debate about why its markets were flooded with Israeli potatoes, threatening local products from the Ghor region of the Jordan Valley.
A similar debate emerged during the olive harvest season, when the amount of exported olives from Jordan to Israel had reached 11,480 tons, before they were halted in mid-November.
By then, Israel had received more than 98% of Jordan’s olive exports, according to the agriculture ministry.
The new year has brought an unprecedented flood of Israeli potato shipments to Jordanian markets. This “invasion” was helped by the agriculture ministry’s leniency in giving out import licenses to a large number of importers of Israeli products.
By contrast, the same ministry refused to allow a shipment of Gulf potatoes to enter Jordan. Continue reading here