Jan 23, 2012

#BDS Ana Moura's audience doesn't want her to play Israel

The opinions of Ana Moura’s audience at her recent Glasgow performance were clear, “Don’t perform in Israel – support the appeal from Palestinian civil society for a cultural boycott of Israel.”

From the first member of the audience we spoke to, who had appeared with friends and took extra leaflets to distribute inside, only one single individual mounted a dispirited defence of Israel. An Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign member had earlier written from Dublin, following Ana Moura’s performance at the Concert Hall there, that the audience were “the most receptive people I’ve ever leafleted,” with a number of people saying that the planned Israel performance “would leave a sour taste."

After Dublin and Glasgow, [Portugese artist] Ana Moura can be in no doubt that her fans want her to honour the call from Palestine for artists to play their part in the growing campaign to isolate the apartheid state. Read more here.