Jun 16, 2011

#BDS: London is turning into #Israel’s laboratory in preparation for 2012 summer #Olympics

"The current issue of muckraking journal Private Eye reports that Heathrow Airport will have shiny new equipment for screening passengers installed with the help of several Israeli firms as part of preparations for next year’s Olympic Games. The sporting event affords an opportunity to run a “live test” on the Total Airport Security System (TASS), a 14.5 million euro ($21 million) project mainly financed by the European Union.

As it happens, details of the project were announced almost exactly a year ago. In a June 2010 statement, the consortium behind TASS bragged that it had won formal EU authorisation for the scheme, which uses “real-time sensors” and various other tools to monitor aircraft, people, cargo, and restaurant areas in an airport separately and then blend all the resulting data in a “multisource labyrinth”.

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#BDS: Sign the petition! Tell Jello Biafra to cancel the gig in Tel Aviv!

"We, the undersigned, strongly urge Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine to cancel their gig in Tel Aviv. As people who have taken the music and words of Jello Biafra to heart, we believe that going forward and performing in Israel–in defiance of the Palestinian call for cultural boycott–would fly in the face of everything he has stood for."

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#BDS URGENT: Another AUB Scandal: AUB to honor another supporter of #Israel

In another attempt to normalize relations with supporters of the Zionist entity, the American University of Beirut (AUB) is scheduled to honor Mostafa A. El-Sayed, who has already obtained an honorary doctorate from Hebrew University in 1993. (Check the following link: http://www.chemistry.gatech.edu/faculty/El-Sayed/) What AUB does not realize - or maybe it does - is that just like Wolfensohn's award, El-Sayed's will never see the light. We at Youth Against Normalization call upon AUB professors, staff and students, as well as anti-Zionist activists in Lebanon to launch another (successful) campaign against the honoring of Mostafa El-Sayed.