Dec 10, 2011

#BDS: Israeli author kicked off literary panel after request by Palestinian colleague

"In the previous two years the conference had been held in Marseilles, Palestinian writers had refused to come because there were Israeli participants.

There was a stir at a conference of Mediterranean writers in Marseilles yesterday when Israeli author Moshe Sakal was booted from a panel discussion at the request of Palestinian poet Najwan Darwish.

The director of the conference, French-Jewish author Pierre Assouline, said Sakal's participation in the panel, which was on the Arab Spring, "was not crucial."

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#BDS: وزير خارجية الدنمارك يرفض لقاء السفير الاسرائيلي

القدس/PNN/ قالت صحيفة "يديعوت احرونوت" الاسرائيلية اليوم ان وزير الخارجية الدنماركي الجديد ديلي سونديل الذي دعا بالماضي الى فرض مقاطعة على اسرائيل، يرفض منذ شهرين عقد لقاء مع سفير اسرائيل في كوبنهاغن آرثر أبنون، تحت سلسلة من الذرائع، والتقى ممثلي منظمات حقوق انسان تعمل في المناطق المحتلة منها "الحق" و"بتسيلم".

وكان أمنون قد قدم طلباً رسمياً لعقد لقاء مع وزير الخارجية على خلفية عدة تصريحات ادلى بها مؤخراً مناهضة لاسرائيل. وأتى الجواب ان "سونديل لا فراغ في جدوله يمكنه من عقد لقاء مع السفير الاسرائيلي خلال فترة قريبة، لكننا سجلنا هذا الطلب".

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#BDS: Boycott Product List in the #US

Click here for a list of Israeli products to boycott and their locations in the Bay Area.

#BDS: رفضاً لصهر الوعي الشبابي، رفضاً لمؤتمرات تحالف السلام الفلسطيني والتطبيع

يعقد تحالف السلام غداً السبت مؤتمرا للشباب الفلسطيني، ونحن نعتبر أن الأجندات التي يمررها تحالف السلام لعقول الشباب الفلسطيني أجندات مشبوهة تطبيعية، بعيدة عن واقع الشعب الفلسطيني الذي يتعرض لانتهاكات يومية من الاحتلال الصهيوني منتهكاً بذلك كل قوانين حقوق الانسان والقوانين الدولية.
ونقول لتحالف السلام أن الربيع الفلسطيني يكون بالثورة على الاحتلال ولا يكون عبر تمرير ثقافة التعايش والسلام مع العدو بعيداً عن الحديث عن عدالة حقوق الشعبي الفلسطيني الذي يعيش تحت الاحتلال منذ أكثر من 60 عاماً
أمام فندق الروكي، المصيون،رام الله 

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"Daphne Guinness and the Fashion Institute of Technology have been asked to end Leviev Extraordinary Diamonds’ sponsorship of the exhibition about the heiress fashion icon that is now on at the school’s museum. The human rights group Adalah-NY takes issue with the company’s owner, Lev Leviev, who has other holdings, for his West Bank ties. His Leader Management and Development company is now building settlement homes in violation of international law, according to Adalah-NY member Pat Connors.

FIT, which first received the request Nov. 21, needs some time to make a decision and is pursuing the matter very actively, a spokeswoman said Monday. Guinness was unavailable to comment at press time, according to her spokeswoman. Leviev Diamonds’ spokeswoman did not respond by press time Monday."

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#BDS: British students reject twinning with #Israel University. #UK

"Student leaders pointed out that the relatively high turnout of voters reflected the importance of the issue to the students.

Students at Britain's University of York have rejected a proposal to twin the institution with the Hebrew University in occupied Jerusalem. The vote on the issue was carried out by York University's Student Union.

According to newspaper reports, York student Jacob Campbell proposed the twinning agreement in order to defend Israel and curb what he described as "anti-Semitic" activities in British universities.
York University's Student Union asked its members to vote for or against the proposal, which sought to build links between the student unions of the two universities prior to a full twinning agreement with the Israeli university."

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#BDS: احتجاج في "الأونروا" على تعاقد الوكالة مع شركة إسرائيلية

شهدت وكالة الأمم المتحدة لإغاثة وتشغيل اللاجئين الفلسطينيين "الأونروا" بالاردن مؤخراً، موجة احتجاج عاملين لديها مرشحة للتصعيد، بسبب ما وصفوه بـ"تعاقد الوكالة مع شركة إسرائيلية لشراء أجهزة رقابة وتطوير الأنظمة والبرامج ذات العلاقة بنظام النقل لديها".

وقال عاملون في الوكالة بالاردن لـصحيفة "الغد" إنهم "رفضوا" في نهاية الأسبوع الماضي استخدام وسائل النقل التابعة للوكالة، من باصات وحافلات نقل صغيرة، بسبب ما اكتشفوه من "قيام الأونروا بشراء أنظمة الرقابة والتقنيات والأجهزة الرقابية الحديثة من شركة إسرائيلية".

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"Israel was declared an apartheid state during a session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine in Cape Town on 7 November.

Among those following the tribunal’s deliberations was a group of young South Africans, including Mbuyiseni Ndlozi of BDS South Africa, a group campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel, and Joni Barnard of Artists Against Apartheid. While travelling by train from Johannesburg to Cape Town, these activists recorded a short video, titled “Shout Out to the Russell Tribunal on Palestine: Live from the Shosholoza Meyl.”

Mbuyiseni states in the video: “I can confidently say that the verdict is that Israel is guilty of apartheid.”

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#BDS: Home Depot encourages Israel’s colonial expansion

"What is Home Depot’s involvement in Israel?
Since its foundation in 1979 by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank, Home Depot has become a huge player in the North American home improvement market.1 With over 2000 stores across Canada, the US, Mexico, and China, Home Depot‟s business decisions hold a great deal of economic weight worldwide. Currently, Israeli companies such as Keter Plastic, Smart Storage and Zag supply more than $150 million worth of Home Depot‟s products.2
How is Home Depot encouraging Israel’s colonial expansion?

Home Depot continues to encourage Israeli colonial expansion by selling a large array of products from the Israeli company Keter Plastic and its subsidiaries (e.g. Keter-Black and Decker, Lotemplast bath mats, and Workforce.) Keter Plastic owns and operates two plants in illegal Israeli colonies established within the occupied West Bank: one in the Barkan Industrial Zone, and another in Oranit.
The Barkan industrial Zone is the second largest industrial zone in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, and is home to a myriad of businesses and factories,3 many of which have been under international political pressure to relocate due to the illegality of the Barkan colony.4 The Oranit colony, along with three other Israeli colonies in the West Bank, was approved for expansion by former Israeli Defence Minister Amir Peretz in 2006.5 Home Depot has recently awarded Keter Plastic a $150 million contract which will last for at least three years."

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