Feb 4, 2012

#BDS: #British Natural History Museum attacked over links to illegal Israeli company #Ahava

"The Natural History Museum is today accused by a coalition of prominent academics and cultural figures of helping to break international law by leading a research project which involves an Israeli cosmetics company based in an “illegal” settlement in the occupied West Bank.

In a letter to The Independent, leading scientists and the film directors Mike Leigh and Ken Loach, condemn the London museum - which is the fourth most visited in Britain - for its research collaboration with Ahava - Dead Sea Laboratories (DSL), which sells beauty products based on minerals extracted from the Dead Sea."

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#BDS: When Desmond Tutu got the ‘Penn BDS’ treatment

"In light of the attacks against the upcoming Penn BDS conference, I offer a reminder of the time Desmond Tutu got the “Penn BDS” treatment at other US universities, even when he wasn’t talking about BDS or Israel.

The article below was written in the summer of 2010, soon after the Olympia Food Co-op decided to boycott Israeli goods. At the time, many non-Jewish white progressives in Olympia felt they should defer to the “Jewish community’s” wishes on the Palestine/Israel issue."
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Network Analysis for Palestine Activists: science for a successful #BDS campaign

"Network terminology is becoming increasingly commonplace in Palestine activist circles, as well as among anti-Palestinian groups. We speak of “viral videos” and “links to the far right.” Anti-Palestinians have formed an “Israel Action Network” and refer to “Hubs of Delegitimization.” Are networks the latest innovation in an evolving arsenal of advocacy? Or just a catchy buzzword? The answer is neither.

Any two things that are related can be said to belong to a network. A flock of birds is a network. A group of friends is a network. Our own bodies consist of complex networks. Airports and flight routes are networks. Networks offer us a framework for understanding relationships–a framework which may be new to us–but are hardly new in their own right."
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#BDS: Occupy Oakland chapter votes to support BDS #OO

"The Oakland, Calif., chapter of the Occupy movement overwhelmingly endorsed a proposal in support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel.

According to Twitter accounts by pro-Palestinian activists pushing the proposal, the statement won nearly unanimous backing in a vote Wednesday following a brief discussion. A lengthy statement on the Occupy Oakland website attacked US aid to Israel and suggested that Israel had "prodded" the United States into the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq."

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URGENT APPEAL: HOPE ~ Higher Opportunities for Palestinian Education #Gaza

"My name is Nader Elkhuzundar, and I’m a 24-year-old Palestinian from Gaza. I have lived in the Gaza Strip since I was a child. I am the oldest of four children. Being the oldest comes with high expectations from my family, and a strong sense of duty towards my country and people. Although living in the Gaza Strip is a challenge; I have been able to pursue educational opportunities in my areas of interest. In 2008 I earned a diploma in Computer Programming with an 81.53 percent grade point average. I also now hold a BSc Management Information Systems (MIS) degree with an 83.48 percent GPA from the University of Palestine, which I received in March 2011. Since graduating from university I have tried hard to secure a job so that I may support my family and advance obtain work experience.  I have often received feedback from potential employers saying that I need to further my education in order to obtain a position."

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