Dec 26, 2011

#BDS comes to Pennsylvania

"The past few years have seen the BDS movement electrify campus activism – a bright spot on the landscape of Palestine advocacy. The movement has enabled students around the country to engage constructively with the big moral question of our era – apartheid in Palestine. Thanks to BDS, thousand-mile expanses no longer stand in the way of direct non-violent action.

Still, the movement has some way to go before it can boast the levels of support that the South African call once enjoyed. That’s part of the reason that students at the University of Pennsylvania are organizing an on-campus BDS conference there. The two-day event will take place on the weekend of February 4th and 5th and will examine ways to strengthen campus-based activism."

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#BDS: Add Forever 21 to your Boycott Lists

"Thousands of people have stormed American fashion chain Forever 21's first store in Israel since its official opening several days ago, leaving behind piles of clothes, shoes and even beverage cans scattered all over.
The chaos reached its peak on Wednesday afternoon, but even in the evening hours the two-floor store at Tel Aviv's Azrieli Mall was still crowded with customers tossing clothing items everywhere."

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#BDS victory: #Veolia loses huge waste-treatment contract in London boroughs

"Human rights campaigners are celebrating after the West London Waste Authority ('WLWA') excluded French multinational Veolia from a £485 million contract covering 1.4 million inhabitants of the London boroughs of Brent, Ealing, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow and Richmond-upon-Thames, for treatment of residual domestic waste.

The reasons behind the decision by the WLWA to exclude Veolia are commercially confidential but the impact of human rights campaigners should not be under-estimated."

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#BDS: #Ireland funds cultural boycott of #Israel

"Dozens of Irish artists who have signed petition urging boycott against Jewish state are financed by government bodies, Foreign Ministry report reveals

The Irish government has been funding 34 local artists who signed a petition calling for a cultural boycott against Israel, a classified Foreign Ministry report reveals.
These artists make up one-fifth of all performers receiving public funding in Ireland."

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