Jun 29, 2011

#BDS: Add this to your boycott list: #Cinnabon coming to #Israel

"American chain of baked goods to open first store in Tel Aviv. Its signature item, large cinnamon roll, expected to cost NIS 16 to 18

Israelis love sweet yeast dough with the scent of cinnamon. So for all those pastryholics out there, here's some sensational news: American chain Cinnabon is on its way to Israel, along with its signature item – a large cinnamon roll.

Get your tissues ready: You'll be needing them once you report to your Weight Watchers instructor after consuming one of these calorie bombs."

#BDS; EXCELLENT NEWS: Massive Attack promotes #Palestine

"British DJ and trip hop duo follows in Coldplay's footsteps, posts 'Freedom for Palestine' song on its Facebook page

English rock band Coldplay created an uproar on the Web afterposting on its Facebook page a new song called "Freedom for Palestine", which was created by different artists.

The band received tens of thousands of responses, positive and negative, for its decision to promote the project. But the uproar grew when Coldplay removed the link from its page several days later, without providing any explanations."

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#BDS VICTORY: Jello Biafra cancels his performance in #Israel!

"Statement from Jello Biafra Wednesday June 29 2011

Dear Friends,
Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine are not going through with the July 2 date in Tel Aviv. This does not mean I or anyone else in the band are endorsing or joining lockstep with the boycott of all things Israel.

I am going to Israel and Palestine to check things out myself and may yet conclude that playing for people in the belly of the beast was the right thing to do in the first place."

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#BDS: Peter Tatchell: Holding #LGBT conference in #Israel will inflame homophobia

"Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell says that holding the International LGBTQ Youth and Student Organisation general assembly in Israel will inflame homophobia, cause divisions and stop delegates from the Muslim world attending.

The decision of the International LGBTQ Youth and Student Organisation (IGLYO) to hold its General Assembly (GA) in Israel this December is divisive, exclusionist, mistaken and regrettable."

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#BDS: Twitter Alert: Tell Jello Biafra to Honor the Boycott!

"After building a career on his opposition to racism and oppression, Jello Biafra has unbelievably decided to violate the Palestinian call for a cultural boycott of Israel by performing with his current band, Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine, in Tel Aviv on July 2.
See appeals to Jello from Palestinianssolidarity activists, and his fans. Please join them by telling him: You wouldn’t entertain apartheid in South Africa, so support the Palestinian-led movement for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) by cancelling your show in Tel Aviv!
Tweet your message to Jello or post it on his Facebook page."
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#BDS: Slavoj Zizek honors BDS call on trip to Israel/Palestine

"The organizers of philosopher Slavoj Zizek's events in Israel/Palestine issued the following press release:
World-renowned philosopher, Slavoj Zizek of Slovenia, had yesterday concluded a week-long visit to the region.

During his week's visit, Zizek delivered a three-day seminar in Ramallah on the topic of Cinema and Politics, along with celebrated film producer and Focus Features CEO, James Schamus. At the end of the seminar, aimed to support Palestinian young artists and the Palestinian struggle for liberation, Zizek delivered a public talk in a Tel Aviv independent bookstore, Tolaat Sfarim, in honor of the forthcoming book of Israeli-American film-maker, writer & BDS advocate Udi Aloni, entitled What Does a Jew Want?: On Binationalism and Other Specters.

He did so following the guidelines of PACBI, stipulating that he will only speak at a venue that will publicly renounce the occupation, and state unequivical support for full equal rights to all Palestinians."

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#BDS: On BDS Bashers and their Search for Fig Leaves

"In the context of applying the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement’s guidelines for the international academic and cultural boycott of Israel, PACBI sometimes faces scenarios where boycott bashers attempt to redeem their conscience, and with it some moral ground, by using token Palestinians (or more rarely other Arabs) as a fig leaf to cover up their complicity in Israel’s violations of international law and Palestinian rights.  While the pool of available “fig leaves” is diminishing every year, thanks to the recent impressive spread of BDS consciousness among Palestinians and in the Arab world, there are still those who are ready to accept for their names to be manipulated in the cynical political agendas of international boycott violators.  When these Palestinians and Arabs play such roles, it is sometimes due to a lack of political understanding, but, more often than not, it is due to a willingness to put personal interest ahead of collectively upheld principles of resistance to colonial oppression and apartheid. "

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#BDS: Update your boycott list: #Evian plans splash in Israeli bottled water market

"French brand of 'designer water' makes another go at Israeli consumers; eyes 'premium water' shelves

Danone Waters CEO Elio Pacheco has a new goal – to see Evian make a serious splash in Israel's bottled water market.

However this newfound tenacity is plagued by awkward timing, just as the Environmental Protection Ministry has decided to join various eco-groups' fight against the bottled water industry, which they considered one of the environment's major enemies."

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#BDS NEEDED: #Wikimania 2011 Sponsored by Israeli-Government Company

"Wikimania, the annual conference of the Wikimedia community to be held in the Israeli city of Haifa this August, is to be partially sponsored by the East Jerusalem Development Company (EJDC), an Israeli government-owned company responsible for “the development and operation of tourist sites in eastern and greater Jerusalem.”

EJDC projects, including settlements, conservation areas and new “heritage” sites, have been sprouting up steadily across East Jerusalem. Palestinian residents in Silwan, for example, are under direct threat from the excavation of the “City of David”, while the Jerusalem Municipality has issued plans to convert much of the Wadi Hilweh and Al-Bustan neighbourhoods into a settler-run archeological park. To support this plan, Palestinians are evacuated from their homes, denied building permits, and demolition orders are often issued through the municipality on tenuous licensing pretenses. "

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#BDS: Thank you Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for slam dunking apartheid #Israel!

"Weeks before Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's scheduled visit to Israel, the Jerusalem Film Festival foreign office confirmed that the legendary basketball star and actor had canceled his planned July 2011 trip, due to concerns arising “after the Nakba Day violence” (referring to May 15, 2011). Abdul-Jabbar's visit was coordinated with the Israeli Foreign Ministry and the Israeli Consulate of New York and he was slated to present his film, “On the Shoulder’s Of Giants,” at the Jerusalem Film Festival."

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