Apr 14, 2011

#BDS: How about they terminate the contract?! Egypt orders review of gas contracts w/Israel

"Egypt's prime minister says has ordered a price review of its contracts to supply natural gas to Israel and Jordan over widespread domestic criticism, reports Egyptian's official news agency MENA.

Prime Minister Essam Sharaf's spokesman, Ahmed el-Samman, was quoted by MENA as saying that the review is aimed at bringing in the greatest returns for Egypt. El-Samman said revised contracts could boost income by $3 billion to $4 billion."
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#BDS: Swiss train service is ordered to allow signs stating that Israel was established with violence on Palestinian land

"A Swiss court has ordered the state's national train service, the SBB, to allow a pro-Palestinian group to hang anti-Israeli posters in Zurich's central train station, the Swiss newspaper Tages Anzeiger reported on Tuesday.

Members of the Palestine Solidarity Action first attempted to hang controversial posters in several locations within the station in 2009, but were ordered by the station's management to take them down after three days.

The posters appeared to argue against Israel's right to exist. "Sixty-one years of Israel, 61 years of injustice," the sign read."

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#BDS: Canadian University Carleton divestment campaign pushes forward despite administration stonewalling

#BDS: Brandeis students disrupt speech of former Shin Bet chief