Sep 4, 2012

Lebanon’s Mashrou’ Leila cancels on Chili Peppers after latter refuses Israel #BDS call #fuckIsrael

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#BDS Victory: @mashrou3leila won't be opening for RHCP! #Lebanon #fuckIsrael

we will not be opening for the red hot chili peppers on september 6 in beirut"

#BDS: Write on @mashrou3leila's fb page urging them not to open to RHCP

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#BDS: فندق "بالاس هوتل" الإماراتي الفخم يستضيف ادوات المائدة الذهبية بتصميم اسرائيلي. #UAE #fuckIsrael

ولكن شهرة المصمم الإسرائيلي تذيع سريعا، وقد وصلت حتى إلى إمارة أبو ظبي، حيث تتألق أدوات المائدة الباهظة الثمن التي صممها في فندق "بالاس هوتل" الإماراتي الفخم. وتنتشر محلات دورون ميردنغر في الشوارع الرئيسية لجميع المدن الكبيرة في العالم، من جادة ماديسون في حي مانهاتن النيويوركي حتى جادة بتروفسكي في موسكو وشارع "بوند" اللندني. 

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#BDS: Why I think a boycott of #Batsheva would be right. #fuckIsrael

"As an arts lover, I am an instinctive supporter of the right to freedom of expression.

However, I do not uphold that right above all other rights. For instance, I would not, in the 1980s, have agreed to review the work of South African companies funded by the apartheid state. In my opinion, the rights of the oppressed black South African majority would have superseded the supposed "rights" of arts companies to attempt to promote and normalise apartheid South Africa.
The issue with Israeli dance company Batsheva is, in its essence, identical. The call for a boycott of Israel is not simply a protest over policy (as one might protest against the US/British invasion of Iraq, or Russia's wars against Chechnya). Rather, it is a challenge to the fundamental basis of an ethnically-defined state which is built upon ethnic cleansing and the wholesale dispossession, and continuous oppression, of the Palestinian Arab population."
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#BDS: New report documents ‘war crime of pillage’ by BDS target #Ahava #fuckIsrael

"new report by Palestinian human rights organization Al-Haq accuses Israel of “encouraging and facilitating the exploitation of Palestinian natural resources and actively assisting their pillaging by private actors” in the Dead Sea region of the occupied West Bank.

By financially subsidizing the Mitzpe Shalem settlement and permitting the extraction of Dead Sea mud by Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories Ltd., Israel enables these “primary perpetrators of the war crime of pillage,” placing it “openly in violation of its obligations as an Occupying Power in the OPT,” the document says."

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