Israeli Companies and Products

Courtesy of Rense:

Delta Galil Industries Ltd.


Israel's largest textile manufacturer produces clothing and underwear for popular brands including, Gap, J-Crew, JC Penny, Calvin Klein, Playtex, Victoria's Secret, Hugo Boss, Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren, and others.


Dov Lautman founded and chairs the company, is close to top Israeli officials, and achieved notoriety after called him a "Sweatshop Czar" for exploiting Arab labor in Egypt and Jordan. In March 2007, he won the Israel Prize for lifetime achievement for his contribution to the country and its people at the expense of neighboring Arabs he exploits.




From its illegal Mitzpe Shalem settlement facility, the company produces cosmetics using Dead Sea salt, minerals, and mud, natural substances extracted from West Bank Palestinian land.


Code Pink's "Stolen Beauty" campaign says:


"Ahava promises "Beauty Secrets from the Dead Sea." And wait until you hear those secrets! Because Ahava is hiding the ugly truth - its products actually come from stolen Palestinian natural resources....Don't let the 'Made in Israel' sticker fool you - when you buy Avaha products you help finance the destruction of hope for a peaceful and just future for both Israelis and Palestinians."


Avaha uses Palestinian resources without their permission and pays no compensation for them. In addition, Israel denies Palestinians access to the West Bank portion of the Dead Sea so companies like Avaha can exploit it.


Dorot Garlic and Herbs


Established in 1992 in Kibbutz Dorot, the company is now Israel's largest frozen seasonings supplier to food retainers, hotels, and restaurants in America, Canada and Europe.


The Strauss Group and Its Subsidiaries


Israel's second largest food and beverage company supports the Golani reconnaissance platoon, infamous for its decades of slaughtering Palestinians, most recently during Operation Cast Lead.


In the "corporate responsibility" section of its website, a sub-heading titled "In the Field With Soldiers" states:


"Our connection with soldiers goes as far back as the country, and even further. We see a mission and need to continue to provide our soldiers with support, to enhance their quality of life and service conditions, and sweeten their special the front to spoil them with our best products," including Max Brenner Chocolates - another brand to boycott because the company backs Israel's killing machine.


Sabra is another Strauss company in a joint venture with Pepsico. It produces traditional Arab salads like hummus, baba ghanoush, and fried eggplant.




The company is half Israeli state-owned, exporting fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs from Israel and the Occupied Territories, operating under the Carmel, Jaffa and Coral brands. In the West Bank, Agrexco exploits Palestinian workers, including children, paying sub-poverty wages, no benefits, no sick or holiday pay, no rights, and no union.




The Israeli Date Growers' Cooperative sells 65% of all Israeli and West Bank settlement-produced dates under the brand names King Solomon and Jordan River. They also supply supermarkets and retail chains that market them under their own private brands. Customers include UK-based Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury, Tesco and Waitrose.


Harvesting dates is hard work and why Israelis use cheap Palestinian labor for it - preferably children who are small, agile, work for less, and are easier to cheat.

The job entails days beginning at 5AM, being hoisted atop date palm trees up to 12 meters, left there for up to eight hours with no break and no way down until mechanically returned at day's end. Workers cling to trees with one arm, using the other for their quota, with no break, and if they complain or fall behind, they're fired.


Agrexco and Hadiklaim harvest and sell most dates produced in Israel or on illegal West Bank settlements, including brands mislabeled "West Bank."


Gush Shalom's BDS Support


Translated from Hebrew, Gush Shalom means "The Peace Bloc" - hard core, especially in times of crisis. Opposing the occupation, it supports an independent Palestine "in all the territories occupied by Israel in 1967" with East Jerusalem its capital and diaspora refugees free to return or be justly compensated for lost land and property.


In July 2006, it listed settlement-made products/factories to be boycotted, headed by the comment that "A penny to the settlements is a penny against peace." Consumer ones include:


-- Avaha cosmetics;


-- Aphrodite cosmetics;


-- AMB cosmetics;


-- Adora Screens;


-- Aladin cleaning products;


-- Abadi "Mizrahiot" salted bagel cookies;


-- Ahva halva and candy;


-- Adanim Tea;


-- Arava Grapes;


-- Areva Herbs;


-- Barken Cellars wine makers;


-- Bel Efri jewelery;


-- Barken Sweets;


-- Barshap cosmetics;


-- Better and Different health food;


-- Beigel & Beigel pretzel bakery;


-- Beitili furniture and carpets;


-- Ben-Or toys;


-- Doron Furnitures;


-- Dotan leather goods;


-- Eden Springs Ltd. mineral water;


-- Edumim fish processed food;


-- Euro Veavers carpets;


-- Ever & Levin jewelry;


-- Gilad spices;


-- Golan Cheese;


-- Golan Wines;


-- Gush Ezion Wines;


-- Harduf Eggs;


-- Hebron Wines;


-- Hlavin Industries;


-- InterCosma cosmetics;


-- Kedem Herbs;


-- Keter Plastics plastic furniture;


-- Kravitz stationery;


-- Keisaria Carpets;


-- Lankry foods;


-- Luiza herbal tea;


-- Lital furniture;


-- Meirtecs blankets;


-- Motola Preservers pickles;


-- Malchi-Jourden Industries cosmetics;


-- Modan satchels and handbags;


-- Netanel Spices;


-- Nimrod Cheese;


-- Noah Winery;


-- Of Habira chicken;


-- Openheimer chocolate and sweets;


-- Organica spices;


-- Ramat Hagolan Cellars wine makers;


-- Ramat Hagolan Dairy;


-- Shamir Salads;


-- Sharp Delicatessens sausages;


-- Soda Club home soda water devices;


-- Shemesh Spices;


-- Shomron Meat;


-- Super Drink drinks;


-- Sus Etz toys;


-- Tekoa Mushrooms;


-- Tekoa Wines;


-- Tel Arza Wines;


-- Tohikon arts and crafts;


-- Winter Carpets;


-- Yenon processed food;


-- Zion Wines; and


-- Zivanit shoes and sandals.


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  4. I just went Xmas shopping in a Mall in San Jose CA & was approached by a salesperson wanting to have me to 'try' some Dead Sea salts on my face. Because of my reading a site 'like' this before I try to politely refuse her. This saleslady asked "Why don't you like my product?"
    I told her that I opposed the Israeli Government's practices towards the Palastinians. She was insulted by my remark & told me that I should have a more 'open mind' about things.