Sep 10, 2011


Zionists have pressured MOCHA, Museum of Children's Arts, to cancel an exhibit of art by Palestinian children of Gaza. MECA, Middle East Children's Alliance, which was partnering this event, comments on the cancellation as follows:

Berkeley, CA— The Museum of Children’s Art in Oakland (MOCHA) has decided to cancel an exhibit of art by Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip. The Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA), which was partnering with MOCHA to present the exhibit, was informed of the decision by the Museum’s board president on Thursday, September 8, 2011. For several months, MECA and the museum had been working together on the exhibit, which is titled “A Child’s View of Gaza.” MECA has learned that there was a concerted effort by pro-Israel organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area to pressure the museum to reverse its decision to display Palestinian children’s art.

ACTION ALERT: Tell MOCHA that you are against their decision to cancel the exhibit!