Aug 20, 2010

Jewish group adopts partial Israel boycott

THE Australian Jewish Democratic Society (AJDS) has defended its new policy to support partial boycotts of Israel, posting on its website that it has become “the first community-affiliated Jewish organisation” to call for divestment from Israel.
But its support of limited boycotts and its emphasis on communal affiliation to underscore its position have triggered a strong reaction from the Jewish community.
An August 13, the AJDS website stated while not supporting full boycotts, it “envisages boycotting specific Israeli academics openly supportive of the occupation” and other sanctions, but would consider each case on its merits.
AJDS executive member Tom Wolkenberg said the shift follows a 12-month review, which culminated in a special meeting of the organisation on August 8 where the new policy was adopted.

STUDENT WORKSHOPS for the Palestinian Popular Conference, Oct. 29-31 in Chicago

Call for Workshops for the Student Track of the Palestinian Popular Conference!
US Palestinian Community Network
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The Popular Conference will feature a student track of workshops and programs led by students and facilitated by student organizations, focused on meeting students’ needs and encouraging discussions and actions to unify and support the Palestinian student voice in the United States.
The Conference’s primary goal is to empower our community in the US to assume a key role in reclaiming Palestinian human and national rights. As Palestinians, we have an obligation to become full participants in our people’s quest for freedom, self-determination and the return of Palestinian refugees to their original towns and villages. This is only possible is we collectively develop a principled, nonpartisan, and effective Palestinian student voice in the US.
There is a strong correlation between the effectiveness of Palestine-related political activism in the U.S., on the one hand, and the existence of vibrant and credible national Palestinian American institutions or networks, including student organizations.
The Palestinian Popular conference is a project that belongs to its participants; therefore we are soliciting student workshop proposals for the student track of the program.
Since our venue space is limited so is the number of workshops that we can accept.If you would like to lead a workshop at the national popular conference, please fill out the online form on our website, or complete the attached Word document and send it to 
We also remind you to register early for the Popular Conference! Registration is online now - be sure to join us on October 29-31, 2010 in Chicago.
Thank you! We look forward to your workshop submissions and to building the Student Track of the  Popular Conference with you.
US Palestinian Community Network

Register today for the 2nd Palestinian Popular Conference
October 29-31, 2010
Chicago, IL