Dec 5, 2010

#BDS: Campaign materials

As part of the campaign "Israel is occupying Palestine, I boycott" campaign material is made available to the Belgo-Palestinian Association. Feel free to contact us if you need it!
Postcard available for the campaign "Israel is occupying Palestine, I boycotted"
- The sheets containing data on occupation and reasons for the boycott
- Four postcards:
- Steven Van Ackere, Belgian Minister Etrangèes
- Catherine Ashton EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy
- The purchasing manager of your supermarket
- Listing the different products to boycott, that might serve as a reminder during your shopping
Stickers BOYCOTT Made in Israel "to glue on Israeli products in your supermarket
Bags of shopping "Israel is occupying Palestine, I boycott" (soon available)

#BDS: New WikiLeaks revelations show Ireland blocking U.S. arms to Israel

Cable sent in 2006 indicates that the Irish government has been making it increasingly difficult for American weapons shipments to Israel to pass through its airport.

The Irish government has acted to limit transfers of American weapons to Israel and Iraq through Shannon Airport in the wake of public outrage after the Second Lebanon War, an American diplomatic cable published by WikiLeaks reveals.
A cable sent in 2006 by the U.S. ambassador to Ireland at the time, James C. Kenny, discloses that the deputy head of mission warned Irish officials that the United States would begin using other European airports. Such a move could cost the Irish economy tens of millions of dollars.

#BDS: London's hub of Israel hate

Pro-Palestinian protesters in London.

The UK has become the centre of a systematic assault on Israel’s right to exist that unites Middle East resistance networks with allies on the liberal-left in Europe, according to a new report by an influential Israeli think tank.
According to the Tel Aviv-based Reut Institute, which examines the threat posed to Israel’s national security by Iran, Hizbollah and Hamas, the movement to “delegitimise” Israel aims to bring about the country’s implosion on the model of apartheid South Africa. The institute, led by Gidi Grinstein, suggests that London has become a “Mecca of Delegitimisation” for activists working to undermine Israel’s political model.
The report, a draft of which has been seen by the JC, is part of an attempt by supporters of Israel to build what they call a political firewall against the assault on the country’s legitimacy.
It calls on British Jews to establish a grassroots movement to take on Israel’s opponents and persuade liberal opinion that much of the activity of the “delegitimisers” is driven by UK-based Islamists and the hard-left.

#BDS: Yvette Cooper calls for Israeli settler labelling on food imports

Britain should step up pressure on Israel to stop building illegal settlements in the West Bank by pressing for greater Europe-wide transparency on food exported from the occupied territories, Yvette Cooper says today.
In an interview with the Guardian, she calls on the government to persuade the EU to introduce labelling that would identify goods produced by Israeli settlers.
Cooper, who spoke after her first visit to the Middle East as shadow foreign secretary, wants the EU to follow the example of supermarkets which identify goods produced in the occupied West Bank.
Labour is opposed to boycotting Israeli goods but Cooper believes consumers should be informed whether products are produced by illegal settlers.