Jul 8, 2011

#BDS Call: Yardbirds to perform in #Israel

"In the 1960s, English rock band Yardbirds included three of the greatest guitarists of all times, basically starting the careers of Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page.

But none of these guitar legends went back to cooperation with the band when it resumed its activity in the 1990s.

And yet, the pioneering band returned to the stage with two of its original members: Guitarist Chris Dreja and drummer Jim McCarty.

Together with additional members – singer Andy Mitchell, guitarist Ben King and bassist David Smale – they will arrive in Israel for one performance, which will be held on October 29 at Tel Aviv's Barby club."

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#BDS: Why socialists should support the boycott of #Israel

"On April 19, the same day that Marrickville Council met to reconsider its vote in support of the Palestinian-initiated boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign for Palestinian human rights and against Israel, the Socialist Party of Australia issued a statement opposing the BDS campaign.

The statement, posted on the web site of Stephen Jolly, one of two Socialist Party councillors elected to the Yarra City Council in Melbourne, said “The “Socialist Party has been asked by a number of groups and individuals if our Councillors … would consider supporting the campaign”. No doubt many of these inquiries would have been occasioned by the concerted campaign by the capitalist media against the NSW Greens and the Marrickville Council, both of which had voted to support the BDS campaign in December 2010. The media campaign, led by Rupert Murdoch’s right-wing pro-Zionist Australian newspaper, sought to cast the Marrickville Council as fiscally irresponsible and the NSW Greens as “nutters” and to pressure them into rescinding their support for BDS."
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#BDS: Australian Chain Kika to open Israel store

"Austrian furniture chain planning to inaugurate its first Holy Land branch in Netanya, before competitor IKEA reopens burnt store. 'Kika will move the market forward,' says company's CEO in Israel

Austrian furniture and home accessories chain Kika is planning to open its first store in Israel in the city of Netanya on September 6, just before the Jewish New Year and about half a year before competitor IKEA reopens its own Netanya store, which burned downseveral months ago."

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#BDS CALL: Ziggy Marley

Ziggy Marley is scheduled to perform in Israel on July 19 and 21.

#BDS Victory: Filmmaker Barbara Hammer Endorses BDS!

"The groundbreaking lesbian/feminist experimental filmmakerBarbara Hammer has announced that she will refuse an artistic fellowship at the newly created American Academy in Jerusalem. Although the Forward is reporting that she “dropped out of the program yesterday for personal reasons,” her actual reasons are decidedly more political."

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#BDS: Boycott Israël : Olivia Zémor gagne son procès !

"La 17ème correctionnelle du tribunal de Paris a prononcé vendredi la relaxe d’Olivia Zémor, poursuivie sur ordre du gouvernement et des officines israéliennes en France, à la suite d’une action BDS (Boycott Désinvestissement Sanctions) dans un hypermarché Carrefour en 2009.

L’audience avait eu lieu le 17 juin dernier. Elle avait duré près de 9 heures au cours desquelles de nombreux témoins avaient démontré l’absurdité de la poursuite, tandis que des centaines de partisans de la solidarité avec le peuple palestinien se mobilisaient."

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#BDS: Omar Barghouti on cultural boycott

#BDS: رسالة مفتوحة إلى منظم حفل شاكيرا في مصر

فى الوقت الذى تتصاعد حملات المقاطعة الدولية بكافة اشكالها لدولة اسرائيل العنصرية, وتحقيقها نجاحات مستمرة , بالذات على الصعيد الفني, ومساهمتها م بصورة فعالة فى فضح سياسات اسرائيل من احتلال, استيطان و أبارتهيد وعزلها دوليا, فانه يحصل احيانا بعض الاختراقات من قبل بعض الشخصيات المعروفة على مستوى العالم . ومن ضمن من يضربون بعرض الحاائط نداء المقاطعة الفلسطينية الصادر عام 2005 و الذي يتمحور حوله اجماع فلسطيني, المطربة العالمية شاكيرا حيث اصرت على تلبية دعوة الرئيس الاسرائيلي شمعون بيرس صاحب التاريخ الدموى بحق شعبنا الفلسطينى ومرتكب العديد من جرائم الحرب , أشهرها مجزرة قانا في الجنوب اللبناني و التي راح ضحيتها أكثر من مائة شهيد مدني من نساء و أطفال. و قد قامت شاكيرا بتلبية الدعوة التي تأتي ضمن حملة اسرائيل لتبييض وجهها من جرائم الحرب التي ترتكبها يوميا, و منها مجزرة غزة التي أودت بحياة أكثر من 1400 مدني من ضمنهم 434 طفل.

إقرأ/ي المزيد

#BDS: Defend the Boycott Israel 19 and the right to protest


"For those that don’t know, a BDS (Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions) protest outside Max Brenner last Friday night was attacked by the Victorian police where 19 people, including myself, were arrested. It was basically an attempt, pushed by Ballieu and the Zionists to break up a peaceful demonstration and squash any criticism of Israel and any threat to Max Brenner’s flow of profits on a busy Friday night."

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#BDS: Don’t Break Your Fast With Israeli Dates

"The build-up to persuade and remind Muslims to boycott Israeli and settlement dates has started well in advance of Ramadan. Dates are traditionally used to break the fast and sales of dates in the UK increase enormously during this period.
Israel produces huge quantities of Medjoul dates which are grown in illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Jordan Valley. Buying these dates will mean that consumers are indirectly supporting the theft of Palestinian land and the oppression of Palestinians.
In the run up to Ramadan which falls on August 1st, we are taking this message to as many local Mosques as possible."
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#BDS: Queers Against #Israel drops a banner during Toronto Pride

“We’re drawing attention to Israel’s use of LGBT rights as a propaganda tool to justify apartheid policies and the occupation of Palestinian territories,” said QuAIA spokesperson and longtime gay rights activist Tim McCaskell. “We’re saying to queer people, respect yourselves and others. Don’t be used. Don’t pinkwash apartheid. Boycott gay tourism to Israel until it ends its apartheid policies.”
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"Representative of the Egyptian Independent Union Federation: “We call on the global trade union movement to cut links with the Histadrut and to support the Palestinian Trade Union Coalition for BDS”.

Kamal Abu Aita, representative of the Egyptian Independent Union Federation (EIUF) which was recently formed in Tahrir Square during the revolution, confirmed yesterday that the EIUF rejects any attempt to ‘normalise’ relations with Israel. In a speech in London to hundreds of activists from the campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel, Abu Aita also welcomed the formation of the Palestinian Trade Union Coalition for BDS (PTUC-BDS) and called on the international trade union movement to join the coalition."
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#BDS Call: Egyptian designer Karim Rashid work on display in #Israel

I do not know who Karim Rashid is, but it's enough to know that he violated the BDS call by displaying his work at an art exhibition in Israel.