Oct 17, 2010

#BDS: An Android application for a boycott of Israeli occupation

Buy No Evil is a new free application for Android developed in Israel that helps to know which products from Israeli settlements in the Palestinian area known as the West Bank, so that users can avoid buying and boycott.
The application has been developed by two Israeli bloggers with the open source project Activism, which has the slogan “open source activism.”
Even in today’s society the results of boycotts to commercial products has been very mixed results, often negative, Buy No Evil is a great chance to achieve their goal. The reason is that is very focused on the jobs of the settlements that a high percentage of Israelis considered illegitimate and counterproductive. Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories produce about 290 million U.S. dollars in agriculture whose vulnerability could be exposed to the campaign.
Itamar Sha’altiel, inventor of the application, stated to the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz , in fact, the software used to upload any type of product list. That is, beyond its political use, this app can be used by consumers to configure their celiac basket of gluten-free or vegetarian to determine what goes or not in your shopping cart.
The fact that the first list of products is focused on the boycott was due to the end of the freeze on construction of new buildings in the area of Palestine. It was created by an Israeli human rights organization.


  1. an android application for BDS? is this Ironic or meant to mock BDS? isn't the android a motorola phone?

    "Join thousands of other human rights advocates demanding accountability from Motorola for its support of Israeli human rights violations. There are several ways that Motorola and their wholy owned subsidiary, Motorola-Israel, profit directly from violations of international law: "


  2. I thought Android is powered by google as it says here: