Sep 1, 2011

#BDS: Wikileaks: Israel's Relation with the Gulf Countries

"Summary. MFA Deputy Director General for the Middle

East Yacov Hadas provided PolCouns March 16 with an overview 
of Israel's relations with several of the Gulf states.  Hadas 
described Israel's relations with the Gulf as a function of 
the Gulf Arabs' fear of Iran, but also as due to the Arabs' 
belief in Israeli influence in Washington.  Fleshing out some 
of the points he had made earlier to NEA Acting A/S Feltman 
(reftel), Hadas described Qatar's shift toward the radical 
camp in the region as a "game" linked to Qatari rivalry with 
Saudi Arabia.  Hadas believes Qatar is feeling pressure from 
Israel, Egypt and the Saudis, adding that he has been invited 
to visit Doha for talks about how to resume normal 
Qatari-Israeli ties.  Hadas noted that while the Omanis are 
generally correct in their dealings with Israel, they appear 
not to recognize the seriousness of the threat from Iran.  He 
said that while the UAE is increasingly hostile to Iran, it 
remains unclear how far they are willing to go in terms of 
increasing financial pressures on Tehran.  Hadas said the 
Gulf Arabs feel that the U.S. does not listen to them and 
therefore sometimes try to pass messages through Israel. 
While he agreed that progress on the Palestinian track would 
make it easier for the Gulf states to be open about their 
ties to Israel, he cautioned that the Gulf states use the 
peace process as an "excuse not to take action" against Iran 
or in support of the PA.  End Summary."
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