Sep 1, 2011

#BDS: Anti-Israel, anti-US demos in Jammu

"Jammu, Aug 26: Hundreds of Muslims, including students on Friday took to streets in the state’s winter capital to protest “the atrocities on the Muslims of Palestine by Israel with the active support of USA.” The protestors, who assembled at Karbla Complex under the banner of Jammu and Kashmir Shia Federation here, marched towards Shaheedi Chowk and chanted anti-Israel and anti-USA slogans, urging the world community to take serious note of “atrocities” and “oppression” on people of Palestine by the Israeli government with the help of USA.

Supported by the activists of Ladakh Students Welfare Association, the protestors were carrying placards like “Stop supporting child killers”, “Boycott Israel”, “Stop killing innocent people” etc."

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