Feb 18, 2011

#BDS: Who said BDS doesn't work? Knesset member says boycott has already cost Israel tens of millions of dollars

Courtesy of Mondoweiss:

"A new Knesset lobby has been started by Miri Regev, a member of the Knesset, to oppose the "threat of the delegitimization of Israel." Here is a Hebrew report in partial translation:

"Increased delegitimization of the State of Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people, and the actions taken against the state are gradually turning into a strategic threat. This is a new threat and a new danger..." Regev said.
She states that the lobby's goals, among others, will be countering [refugee?] return claims [sic], apartheid [allegations], persecution of IDF officers in Israel and abroad, evasion of military service, calls for refusal, the Goldstone report, the calls for an economic, academic, cultural and political boycott against the State of Israel.
According to Regev, "In the realm of the boycott alone, one can point to real damage to the State of Israel, assessed at tens of millions of $US. Numerous Israeli companies are working under a regime of intimidation by various organizations seeking to establish conditions which restrict the free market."

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