Jan 31, 2012

#BDS Tunisians to launch campaign against normalization with Israel

Ahmed Kahlaoui, leader of Tunisia's National Committee to Support Arab Resistance to Normalization, has appealed for the awaited Tunisian constitution to include an article outlawing the normalization of relations with Israel. He asserted that the Committee would move to Pardo, set up a protest tent, and stage a sit-in which would continue until its demands have been met.
Kahlaoui was quoted by official Tunisian media on Sunday, January 29, as saying that for the Arab revolutions to succeed, a boycott against Israel must be established because it benefitted from services rendered by the two previous Tunisian regimes.

He emphasized that the Palestinian cause is the cause of all Arabs, noting that his Committee would work, by holding various workshops, to confront the normalization of relations with Israel in all areas.  Source.

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