Feb 18, 2011

#BDS: Mass march against Agrexco, the largest exporter of illegal settlement products

"On February 12, 24 hours after activists locked locked Agrexco storage areas, more than a hundred activists marched on Liege airport in Belgium. Activists from Belgium were joined by French activists, who collectively marched to the airport where they gathered to protest the unloading and shipping of Agrexco flowers. 

The company Agrexco is the largest exporter of illegal settlement products, profiting from settlement and land theft primarily in the Jordan Valley. Each year, on Valentine's Day, the company earns large profits selling flowers that arrive Bierset and are sold under different labels, concealing their true origin.

Protestors gathered in front of CAL-LACHS Cargo Air Lines Air Cargo-Liege Handling Services, which is responsible for shipping Agrexco projects."

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