Dec 15, 2010

#BDS: 1st Arab in Beitar

Ja'ad Sarsur of Kfar Kassem puts on Beitar Ariel uniform, says boycotts are negative move, soccer unites people from around the world

Critics of the Ariel boycott receive tail wind from an unexpected source: Ja'ad Sarsur, a Kfar Kassem soccer player, recently joined the Beitar Ariel soccer team. The players have welcomed the move, the management is pleased with the results and Sarsur has already managed to speak out against those who refuse to perform in Ariel's new cultural center.

Beitar Ariel plays soccer in Israel's third league, the fifth and last in the country and is hoping to make it to the second league this year. After a good season opener, the team got a bit weaker and when it decided to strengthen the team, the coach Asher Shwartzboim turned to Sarsur, a striker he had trained in Kfar Kassem.

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