Aug 30, 2010

Topman to open stores in Israel - #BDS

Topshop's male subsidiary slated to open first Israel stores in Herzliya's Arena mall, Beersheba. Over next three years, both chains to open 25 branches in Jewish state

Israeli men are in for a nice surprise: British men's clothing chain Topman is scheduled to open stores in Herzliya's Arena Mall and Beersheba's Seventh Avenue shopping center. Topman is the subsidiary of women's fashion retailer Topshop.

Topman's Arena Mall store will stretch over roughly 8,612 square feet and will be adjacent to the mall's Topshop store. It will share its Beersheba branch with Topshop and Miss Selfridge.

The brand's Israel franchiser Sakal Sport said that some 25 Topshop and Topman branches will open in Israel over the next three years. Topshop's prices in Israel are relatively high and Topman's rates are slated to be no different.

The Topshop brand was created in Sheffield, England in 1964. It now operates stores in more than 20 countries around the world.

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