Aug 30, 2010

‘Blues Brother’ helps UJA campaign kick-off - #BDS

TORONTO — UJA Federation of Greater Toronto’s 2011 campaign has raised a total of $15.5 million so far, campaign co-chair Jeff Rosenthal announced at last week’s official campaign launch.

The tally was more than he expected: donors had come forward earlier that night to pledge a total of $2.5 million. The event, held Aug. 24 at the Carlu in downtown Toronto, featured actor/comedian Dan Aykroyd.
This year, organizers want to raise an additional $2.5 million beyond what was raised last year, to help young Jews counter negative messages about Israel.
If previous donors can increase their gifts by five per cent, and if those who haven’t given to UJA in the past contribute now, that goal can be achieved “easily,” said Rosenthal.
Last year, UJA raised $64 million. More than $9 million of that amount was raised by UJA Women’s Philanthropy, said women’s philanthropy chair Sarena Koschitzky.
New UJA initiatives this year include reducing the Birthright Israel waiting list from its current number, 1,200, to 600; providing Israel advocacy training for high school and university students; enhancing the quality of Jewish education in day and supplementary schools; and increasing funding to strengthen Jewish summer camps and increase the number of children attending, Rosenthal said.

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