May 26, 2011

#BDS: eBook release – Greenwashing Apartheid: The Jewish National Fund’s Environmental Cover Up

"The book, Greenwashing Apartheid: The Jewish National Fund’s Environmental Cover Up, is available free on line. It documents evidence that the JNF is not an environmental organization but rather an instrument of ethnic cleansing and complicit in war crimes. Contributors are from the USA, UK, Canada and Palestine, with an afterward by American writer and environmental activist Joel Kovel. In the book, Akram Salhab describes the environmental disaster by the JNF’s draining of Lake Hula and Corey Balsam analyses the ideological role of tree planting. David Schwartzman makes the connection between the JNF, the siege of Gaza and climate security, while Coya White Hat-Artichoker, a member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, contributes a speech on First Nations-Palestinian solidarity.
One of the contributors, Eurig Scandrett of Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh said:
“The book is a contribution to making people aware of the real nature of this organization, which plants trees and establishes nature parks and pretends to be environmental, but infact exists for more insidious purposes – to drive the Palestinians from their homes and prevent them from returning.”
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