Feb 14, 2011

#BDS: Mona Eltahawy wants Israel to be happy for Egyptians’ Revolution

Comments from Ikhras on Mona Eltahawy's response to Alan Dershowitz on the Egyptian revolution:

1) Eltahawy fails to mention that a major component of the US “hypocritical foreign policy” toward Mubarak was support for Israel. Part of the reason he remained in power for 30 years, was to maintain peace with Israel, contrary to the wishes of the Egyptian people, and that therefore peace with Israel is incompatible with democracy for Arab peoples. Even Dershowitz referred to his concern for maintenance of peace with Israel but Eltahawy didn’t address it.
2) Eltahawy thinks Israel is a democracy. Millions of Palestinians would strongly beg to differ.
3) She says to Alan Dershowitz: “Surely you and everyone in Israel should be happy that your neighbor wants to be a democracy. Democratic neighbors are happy. Israel can’t be the only democracy in the region and not want Egypt to be a democracy.”
To be fair, Mona is right to state that democracy is people choosing a government they want and that Egyptians are now determining their future. With the Israeli flag removed from Cairo, andnatural gas pipelines to Israel damaged, the people of Egypt have clearly and loudly said that Israel is not part of that future. Mona still isn’t picking that up. Hopefully, the fact that Israelis are having panic attacks about the Egyptian revolution, will give her a hint."

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