Feb 14, 2011

#BDS: BDS Campaign in Qatar opposes invitation of Israeli tennis player

"Qatari Youth Opposed to Normalization" has launched a campaign targeting the invitation of Shahar Peer, by the Qatar Tennis Federation (QTF) to play in the Qatar Ladies Open for the second year. While Shahar Peer enjoys the privilege to train and travel freely, the Palestinian athletes are denied the basic right of mobility and have been prevented from participation in international events:

  • In 2006 Israel bombed the stadium in Gaza
  • In October 2007, Israel refused the Palestinian football team exit visas to play a FIFA World Cup Qualifier second leg.
  • In May 2008, Israel again refused the team exit visas to allow them take part in the AFC Challenge Cup.
  • In 2009 three footballers, Ayman Alkurd, Shade Sbakhe and Wajeh Moshtahe were murdered by Israeli bombs during the month long ‘Cast Lead’ assault on Gaza.

Noting the above, and having faith in our leaders vision; we call for the immediate withdrawal of the invitation to Shahar Peer and not granting her a visa to participate in the event.

What can you do?

1 - Contact QFT and express your opposition to them inviting an Israeli tennis player

Telephone: 44832991
Send feedback online: http://www.qatartennis.org/feedbacks/

2 - Send a letter to the local newspapers stating your opposition and demanding they cover the topic critically:

The Peninsular: (http://www.thepeninsulaqatar.com/contact-us.html)
Tel: 4455-7739/41/47/48
Fax: 4455-7746
E-mail: editor@pen.com.qa

Qatar Tribune:
Tel:+974 44422077 / 44666810 / 44554333
Editorial: editor@qatar-tribune.com

Gulf Times (http://www.gulf-times.com/site/topics/static.asp?cu_no=2&lng=1&template_id=52&temp_type=42&parent_id=33)
Tel: 4350478 (News)
e-mail: editor@gulf-times.com

3 - Make at least 10 copies of the pamphlet and share it with your colleagues, neighbors, and friends.. or just leave it hanging around somewhere public ;)

4 - Come to the event with a Poster and let Peer know she is not welcome!

More? Contact us: qatariyouth.on@gmail.com

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