Feb 14, 2011

#BDS: Cultural boycott of Israel taking hold in S Africa

"Despite complaints. 5fm which is run by the state broadcaster, the SABC decided to continue airing the advert, saying it was treating it as any other advertising. It would not however discuss details of the complaints it received or from whom exactly. 

The South African Artists Against Apartheid's campaign is itself based on a drive launched in 1985 to isolate the white supremacist government here.

The performances which take place at a venue like this one are often inspired by vivid imagination and make-belief. But the scenes which play out in Palestine daily are often far more dramatic. And it's that reality that is inspiring a growing number of South African artists to add their voice to the campaign for a cultural boycott of Israel.

Last year the Cape Town philharmonic orchestra played in occupied Palestine, drawing strong criticism from anti-Apartheid veteran Desmond Tutu. Those running the campaign for a cultural boycott of Israel here, say it is a disappointment. "

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