Feb 14, 2011

#BDS: Focus On Israel’s Tel Aviv-Jerusalem Fast Train

"While Israel’s planned fast train that connects Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in a quick 28 minutes will be welcomed by weary commuters, it spells further land confiscation from villages bordering the ever-irrelevant Green Line.

The website WhoProfits.org, has been focusing its pressure and attention on the Italian based construction company, Pizzarotti & Co. since they joined Israel’s development project to build a fast train connecting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, cutting through Palestinian land.

According a report published by whoprofits.org last year, the railway will lie on 6 kilometers of Palestinian land and have destructive consequences for three Palestinian communities that border the official—if disregarded—boundary between the Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. While on the one hand the train further blurs the line between the two countries, on the other it reinforces the segregation between Israelis and Palestinians: the train will be exclusive for Israeli citizens.

As such, the train line is considered in direct violation of international law, as it crosses the Green Line, imposing on Palestinian agricultural land and resources while providing no benefit to the Occupied Territories. Under international law, an occupying power is not allowed to use the occupied territory for the sole benefit of its own citizens. The anticipated route would bring commuters and travelers to and from the two major metropolises in just 28 minutes."

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