Feb 13, 2011

#BDS: Action Alert: Contact BART for Approving Anti-Palestine Ads

BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) Has Approved New StandWithUs Poster For Six Locations.  Contact BART here.

"BART has approved a new StandWithUs ad to replace the poster they had originally approved, which was taken down last week in response  to a few complaints from people who did not want to see the photo of the Palestinian terrorist that was shown as part of the ad. They felt that the photo of the terrorist was tainting all ordinary Palestinians.

States Roz Rothstein, StandWithUs co-founder and CEO, "This would be the same as saying that all Iranians are tainted when Ahmadinejad is depicted as the tyrant that he  is. That being said, the second approved ad imparts the same  message that we originally intended—that for there to be peace in the Middle East, peace must be taught, and the greatest impediment to peace for the people in the Middle East is hate training and violence promoted by Palestinian leadership such as Hamas, which anyone can confirm at any time just by looking on the Internet."

The new ad, attached, will be up in all locations by Monday and for the same four-week duration as the original ad was meant to be displayed. 

The StandWithUs ad was produced to counter an anti-Israel ad that calls for ending U.S. aid to Israel, which ended its four-week run two weeks ago. The StandWithUs ad will be displayed at the same locations as the anti-Israel ad—BerkeleyOakland-12th Street  and SF-Civic Center—as well as three additional locations: Embarcadero, Balboa, and MacArthur.

The ad also directs viewers to the new Web site www.sayyestopeace.org, which explains the real impediments to peace."

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