Dec 2, 2010

#BDS: Lobbyists challenge ‘made in Israel’ moniker

CAPE TOWN — Civil rights lobby group Open Shuhada Street yesterday lodged a complaint with the office of the consumer protector that health retailer Wellness Warehouse and pharmaceutical giant SDV Pharmaceuticals were misleading consumers by selling a falsely branded product.
The lobby group, which has also laid charges with the police, said the case would also be investigated by the Commercial Crimes Unit.
The group is a South African initiative that campaigns for full civil rights for all Israelis and Palestinians.
Shuhada Street is the main road in Hebron, which Palestinians have been prohibited from entering. The group is arguing that Wellness Warehouse and SDV Pharmaceuticals have been misleading consumers by selling Ahava skin-care products carrying false labels of origin.
According to Open Shuhada Street spokesman Daniel Kamen, Ahava products carry a label saying they are "made in Israel" when in fact they are produced by Dead Sea Laboratories in an illegal Israeli settlement in the West Bank called Mitzpe Shalem.
"According to the United Nations, the US and even the Israeli Supreme Court, the West Bank is not part of Israel. It is occupied Palestinian territory," Mr Kamen said.

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