Dec 2, 2010

#BDS: For Peace in the Middle East, Stop AIPAC!

December 13th, Oakland Marriot, starting at 5pm
Protest the annual AIPAC membership event in Oakland. 

Oakland Marriot Hotel
1001 Broadway, near 12th Street BART

 "Occupation now, Occupation tomorrow, Occupation forever!" is the clear, if unspoken, agenda of this gathering.  It is groups like AIPAC that block the door of any progress for peace in the Middle East. We know, however, that injustice will not survive, that it eventually an unjust order falls to those who demand their freedom, that no weapons system is ultimately effective against human solidarity and our collective desire to see justice realized.
That is why we will be out to protest this indecency. We will  remind the people of aipac, and especially the politicians that support it, that we stand on the side of human rights and peace, and we demand an end to the unqualified support of Israeli policies. We stand for a future of peace and justice, not war and occupation.

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