Nov 13, 2010

#BDS: Tell Amazon shoppers it's not OK to buy apartheid products

Save (the) amazon logo

Would you buy products tested on animals, or that you know to be environmentally destructive, or exploit child labor? If you know that a product harms others or violates international law, shouldn't you boycott it?
Below, please sign up to help us "save (the) amazon!" It's not good for the world's biggest online retailer to sell products that support inhumane policies.
By signing up, you agree to:
1. Search,
2. Identify a product that aids the Israeli occupation, or generates profit from it (examples are: Ahava skin cream, CAT boots, or Motorola walkie-talkies),
3. Use your own words to add a critical review of that product to,
4. Email us a link where we can see your review on Amazon. We'll collect and share the best ones in our upcoming media campaign to highlight the growing movement for boycotting Israeli occupation.
Please confirm that you can help. Enter your email address below. You'll receive a convenient reminder email. To send us a link to your Amazon product review, simply reply to this email.

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