Nov 13, 2010

#BDS: The joint is jumping! CodePink update on the boycott Ahava campaign


Since last we wrote on the one-year anniversary of the Stolen Beauty campaign, the proverbial joint has been jumping. The boycott is gaining steam all around with world, with new partners in South Africa and our stalwart friends in London, and our successes have Ahava so flustered that they are circulating a letter to retailers decrying the campaign. Will you keep the momentum building by taking action this season?
You’re invited to gather with friends to sing our new Ahava boycott holiday carols, parodies of old favorites such “Jingle Bells”, outside a store near you that carries Ahava! Don’t worry if you’re off-key; the important thing is to get Ahava off the shelves! And that’s exactly what activists have been working hard to do these past few months.

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