Nov 13, 2010

#BDS: Arab Ambassadors Look into Palestinian Solidarity Activism in Brazil

Brasilia – PNN - On Friday, the Council of Arab Ambassadors arrived in Brazil to look into coordinating Palestinian solidarity activism with their South American counterparts.

The council, which includes 17 ambassadors, began their program with a short commemoration of Yasser Arafat on the sixth anniversary of his death.

Ibrahim al-Zebin, Palestinian ambassador to Brazil, then presented information about the situation of various Palestinian cities and towns, the Israeli settlement policies, and the effects of the blockade on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. He discussed reports of the Damascus meeting between Hamas and Fatah officials and stressed the importance of national unity.

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio da Silva visited Palestine in March of this year and said he dreamt of “an independent and free Palestine.” Links have historically been strong between the two.

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