Nov 20, 2010

#BDS: Student activism and the pro-Palestinian movement gains momentum

Activism and protest have long been a part of a student's passage through university. From fighting for women's right to vote, to equal rights for African Americans; from standing up to dictatorship in China to the global movement against South African apartheid - all of these historic popular movements succeeded in part due to the large number of students and others involved in higher education making their voices heard.

Such activism is particularly pertinent in today's pro-Palestinian movement and its counterpart pro-Zionist movement spreading like wildfire across campuses all over the world, especially in countries traditionally sympathetic to the Zionist state, such as Britain and the United States. Pro-Palestinian student activism on campuses is closely linked with the international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, which aims to take civil action against Israel similar to that taken against apartheid South Africa three decades ago.

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