Oct 11, 2010

#BDS: Letter to Dulce Pontes to cancel his performance in Tel Aviv on December 21

Dear Dulce Pontes:

We write as fans love your music and your voice. We were disturbed to learn of your upcoming concert in Tel Aviv, scheduled for December 21, 2010. We ask that you cancel this action. Despite the breathtaking beauty of your tunes, if you act in Israel you will be doing an accomplice to the normalization of a situation which has nothing beautiful, but for those who suffer is quite close to horror. The State of Israel maintains a military occupation and economic exploitation, ie colonial rule on a territory to which no right under international law. The population of these areas suffer the oppression of living not even allowed to statehood and the helplessness of living in refugee camps scattered across the Middle East.

Many political leaders or Israeli military commanders have problems trying to enter other countries because they are awaiting trial for crimes against humanity.

Your performance in Israel means that you can act that way without anything happening, you can blatantly violate human laws without paying any price.

We beg you to cancel your concert in Tel Aviv and join the BDS campaign, which proposes, as happened with South Africa when the apartheid regime continued to separate blacks and oppressed, isolation of Israel at all possible fronts: economic, artistic, educational, sports, cultural, while that country does not accept the validity of international law, which means in practice compliance with UN resolutions that dictate the return of Palestinian refugees to their homes, Israel return to the internationally recognized borders and an end to the occupation. Increasingly, the worlds of culture and art, such as Elvis Costello, the Pixies and Pink Floid, have canceled their commitments in Israel and have joined his voice to the campaign for the boycott.

If beauty wants to be beautiful, can not be complicit in the horror.

Write to: ondeia@dulcepontes.net Ondeia or call (his representative) at +351 912 899 524

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