Oct 11, 2010

#BDS: Ireland urged to join boycott of OECD tourism conference in Israel

London, (IRNA): The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) is urging the Irish government to join Britain and Spain in boycotting an OECD tourism conference that is due to be held in Israeli-occupied Jerusalem later this month. 

In a letter to Irish Foreign Minister Martin, IPSC national chair Freda Hughes called on the government to follow the examples of its European partners to decline Israel’s invitation to attend the three-day conference, starting on October 20. 

“Israel’s membership of the OECD was approved recently in spite of warnings by human rights activists that such a move would risk legitimising Israel’s violations of international humanitarian law,” Hughes said. 

“Now it has become clear that the Israeli government intends to make use of its membership in order to consolidate the illegal occupation of Palestinian land,” she warned in a copy of the letter obtained by IRNA. 

“East Jerusalem is part of the Occupied Palestinian Territories and has been illegally annexed by Israel, a move that has never been recognised by the international community,” Martins was told. 

The OECD tourism conference, which was due to be chaired by Britain, is only the second to be held outside Paris in the history of the organisation of largely high income economies. 

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