Apr 27, 2012

#BDS: The Eleven that Have the Great Opportunity to Stand for Justice

"These groups/artists who plan to play for the Israeli government-sponsored Tel Aviv White City musician roundup (see http://www.tlv-music.com/en/Artists) all have the amazing opportunity to stand up for justice.  By choosing to refrain from playing in Israel, they can be part of the solution to the problem of racism, inequality, and denial of human rights that Palestinians face daily.  Even if an artists does not agree with the goals of BDS, they can still stand up for justice by refusing to take part in a festival that is being partially paid for by the government of Israel, and that supports injustice.  As the renowned French philosopher and political theorist Jacques Rancière said just last January:

"I accepted the invitation to contribute to the debate on the image, of a research group whose work on photography is closely related to the exposure of violations of the rights of the Palestinian people since the birth of the State of Israel."
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