Jan 31, 2012

#BDS: Our Eyes Witnessed: On People of Color in the #US and The Palestinian BDS Movement

"Colorlines recently featured a story entitled “The Israel Lobby Finds a New Face: Black College Students,” which highlighted the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee’s (AIPAC) recruitment of young black and brown college students to support their Zionist agenda.

According to AIPAC’s website, they recruit “[o]n campuses across America—from Ivy League universities, to small liberal arts colleges, to Historically Black and Christian schools,” as a means to help students, “find their voices in support of a strong U.S.-Israel relationship.”
The success of recruitment and propaganda efforts, like that of AIPAC, might be a result of Israel’s efforts to focus attention on its ostensibly progressive track record of human rights while conveniently overlooking its human rights and international law infringements as it relates to its treatment of Palestinian people and possession of Palestinian land. Some critics cite Israel’s attempt to “pinkwash”, or wipe away its violations against Palestinians by illuminating its receptivity of LGBTQI people."

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