Jan 5, 2012

#BDS: It’s Never Too Late to Boycott #Israel

It’s difficult to avoid, especially in the frenzy of consumerism and gift-giving which washes over the West at the end of every year: “I meant to boycott that company,” I’ve had friends tell me, “but it was a gift.” Or, “I bought it before I knew.” But like it or not, our unwitting purchases, or receipt thereof as gifts, play a role in preventing Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns against Israel from achieving their full potential.

Individual responsibility doesn’t end once the money is spent, or once a gift is received. Simply owning a product manufactured by a company complicit in Israeli apartheid sends a message that makes others less willing to take up the boycott. This post explores the proper, evironmentally responsible means for disposing of such products by examining a few representative examples.

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